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From Ian:

PMW: PA libel: US hospital in Gaza is for “trafficking in organs” and medical "experiments" on Palestinians
A private American organization is to build a hospital at the northern end of the Gaza Strip. Israel has already admitted hospital equipment into the Strip. But the project is being condemned by the Palestinian Authority's Ministry of Health, which claims that "the American hospital project is not innocent, and its goals are dangerous." [Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sept. 27, 2019]

Elaborating on these alleged "dangerous goals," an op-ed in the official PA daily claimed that the hospital is run by "the CIA," and its purpose is not to treat the sick Palestinians but "to carry out experiments on the sick Palestinians," and "to be a partner in trafficking in human organs":

"The American administration and the CIA, which are actually supervising the hospital and its staff, transferred it to the southern Palestinian districts (i.e., the Gaza Strip) to serve the US as an early warning, monitoring, and espionage station where it was established. This was in addition to a matter that I think not one of the observers have noticed: The hospital has an additional functional role, which is to carry out experiments on the sick Palestinians, and not to treat them and care for their health... and it is possible that the hospital will be a partner in trafficking in human organs." [Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Oct. 2, 2019]

The PA Ministry of Health said that it considers it Israel's "deliberate step to finally and completely separate the Gaza Strip and the West Bank by preventing any connection on any level between our people in the two parts of the homeland."

Palestinian Media Watch has exposed previous PA libels claiming Israel does medical experiments on prisoners and steals organs from dead terrorists, the so-called "Martyrs." Even the Arab League has repeated these PA lies.
CAIR and the Rabbis
As anti-Semitism grows in America, synagogue safety has become an urgent concern for most American Jewish leaders. Not so, it would seem, for the Massachusetts Board of Rabbis (MBR). Recently, MBR joined forces with the Hamas front group CAIR (the Council on American Islamic Relations) to picket the Ahavath Torah Congregation in the South Shore town of Stoughton for hosting speakers whom CAIR calls “anti-Muslim hate group leaders.” The scare campaign ended up working. The synagogue had to permanently shut down its speaker series after CAIR and MBR publicized the synagogue’s address on social media. The synagogue’s rabbi, Jonathan Hausman, got death threats and was forced to hire security guards for his family.

CAIR is a strange ally for a rabbinical board. CAIR’s Massachusetts branch is headed by an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist and an anti-police activist with a history of Israel-bashing. In 2009, a federal district judge ruled that there is “at least a prima facie case as to CAIR’s involvement in a conspiracy to support Hamas.” Ever since, the FBI has refused to work with CAIR because there might still “be a connection between CAIR or its executives and Hamas.” Even the United Arab Emirates, not exactly the most Israel-friendly country in the world, banned CAIR as a terrorist organization in 2014.

Unlike CAIR, Ahavath Torah’s guest speakers would seem like strange enemies for a rabbinical board. Invited by Rabbi Hausman for a talk titled, “National Security Chaos: Are We Passing the Tipping Point?”, the panelists were all former U.S. government officials. One, retired Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin, is an American hero. A veteran of many wars, General Boykin commanded the Delta Force units in the Mogadishu battle dramatized in the movie Black Hawk Down. Off the battlefield, he served as the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence between 2002 and 2007. Another guest was former congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, who worked at a kibbutz as a teenager and has spoken at many an AIPAC event without previous rabbinical umbrage. General Boykin and the event moderator, Tom Trento, together with the third guest, Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy, have all been honored with “Genesis Awards” by the Boston-based group, Christians and Jews United for Israel, which represents the values and opinions of many Jewish New Englanders.

Trump swears allegiance to Israel as he decries endless Middle East wars
US President Donald Trump swore allegiance to Israel as he decried endless Middle East wars and defended his decision to withdraw US troops from the Kurdish area of northern Syria when he spoke Saturday night at the annual Values Voters Conference in Washington D.C.

“We are standing with our close friend and partner, the State of Israel,” Trump said, as he reviewed the steps he has taken on behalf of the Jewish state since taking office, such as relocating the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Israeli sovereignty on the Golan Heights.

In the same speech Trump defended the recent decision to withdraw US troops from the Kurdish region of Syria along the Turkish border, a move which paved the way for Turkey to attack that area. In the five days since the assault began, more than 100,000 people have fled to escape the violence.

The decision has sent alarm waves across the Middle East, where it is widely considered that Trump abandoned the Kurds after they had staunchly allied themselves with the US in the battle against ISIS.

Trump told the conference that he planned to protect the Kurds with the threat of economic sanctions against Turkey.

“I have made clear to Turkey that if they do not meet their commitments, including the protection religious minorities and watching over the ISIS prisoners that we captured, we will impose very swift and severe economic sanctions,” Trump said.
Trump tells Pentagon to begin withdrawing remaining troops from Syria
The United States is poised to move about 1,000 U.S. troops from northern Syria amid an ongoing Turkish incursion into the region, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said on Sunday, calling the situation "untenable" for U.S. forces.

The pull-back of troops from the region dovetails with President Donald Trump's long-standing desire for the United States to extract itself from foreign conflicts. It comes after Trump a week ago withdrew some U.S. troops deployed to support Kurdish forces in the fight against Islamic State.

That decision, which came under heavy fire from fellow Republicans and allies, helped open the door for Turkey to launch an offensive against the U.S.-backed Kurdish forces, part of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), who have been America's most capable partners in quashing Islamic State.

"In the last 24 hours, we learned that [the Turks] likely intend to extend their attack further south than originally planned, and to the west," Esper said on CBS' "Face the Nation."

"We also have learned in the last 24 hours that the ... SDF are looking to cut a deal, if you will, with the Syrians and the Russians to counterattack against the Turks in the north."

Esper said he spoke with Trump Saturday night, and that the president directed the U.S. military to "begin a deliberate withdrawal of forces from northern Syria."

U.S. officials had spent the last week ramping up pressure on Turkey to halt the assault on Syria and the Kurdish fighters that it considers a threat to national security.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Friday said sanctions against Ankara were all ready should the president choose to make good on his threat to obliterate Turkey's economy.
Report: Trump Pullout Draws Anti-Israel Forces Away from Golan Border
According to the NY Times, President Donald Trump’s decision to clear a path for a Turkish invasion of a broad strip of land on the Syrian side of the two countries’ border was made on the spur of the moment, in a phone call with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Overnight, Trump opened the door to a massive Turkish assault on the Syrian Kurds, and the media are aghast at this seeming betrayal of a key ally who had sacrificed thousands in the war against ISIS.

Israeli political commentator and Middle East expert Guy Bechor is not impressed by the plight of the Kurds, whom he says have been collaborating with the Syrian regime for several years now. Moreover, Bechor sees the US move, followed by the Turkish incursion as serving Israeli security interests.

Describing the situation in terms of the eternal Sunni-Shiite conflict which has been splitting the Islamic world for 1,300 years, give or take a decade, Bechor suggested on Saturday that this Turkish (Sunni) invasion, with thousands—soon to be tens of thousands—of well trained and well armed Sunni militias, is rattling President Bashar al-Assad’s army, as well as, most important, the Iranian satellite Shiite militias (soon to include Hezbollah) which have received orders to abandon the southern front with Israel and move up north and build defenses against the invasion.

In other words, Trump’s move, leading to Erdoğan’s move, has revived the Syrian civil war and the vortex that pulls in Arab violence from across the region. And that, as far as Israel is concerned, is a very good thing.

France, Germany halt arms exports to Turkey as Arab League demands UN action
France and Germany on Saturday suspended arms exports to Turkey over its military offensive into northeastern Syria against Kurdish fighters.

Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas told the Bild am Sonntag weekly that “against the background of the Turkish military offensive in northeastern Syria, the government will not issue any new permissions for any weapons that can be used by Turkey in Syria.”

Maas’s remarks came as thousands of Kurdish immigrants rallied against the Turkish military offensive in cities across Germany, which is home to one of the biggest Kurdish communities in Europe.

France said it had suspended all planned exports of “war materials” to Turkey that could be used in the offensive in Syria.

A meeting in Luxembourg Monday of the European Union’s foreign affairs committee will decide on a coordinated European approach to the issue, the statement said.

Meanwhile, Arab foreign ministers condemned Turkey’s “aggression” in Syria, calling for an immediate withdrawal of its troops.

MEMRI: Kurdish Writer: With His Decision To Allow Turkey To Operate In Syria Against The Kurds, Trump, The 'Avaricious Merchant' And The 'Megalomaniac,' Is Sacrificing His Kurdish Allies
Responding to the decision by U.S. President Donald Trump to withdraw U.S. forces from northeast Syria, following which Turkey launched a military operation against the Kurds who were allies of the U.S. in the fight against ISIS, Kurdish writer Sarbast Bamarni penned a scathing attack on President Trump and his decision. In his column on the reformist website, Bamarni accused the president of "unbalanced" behavior that had turned the U.S. into a paper tiger. Warning that not just the Kurdish people would be harmed by his decision but that the entire world would be as well, he said that it "reopens the door to the return of global terror," allowing it to again "dispatch its suicide squads to Europe."

The Turkish people, he said, will pay the price for Turkish President Erdogan's dream of wiping out the Kurdish people and restoring the Ottoman Empire, and the U.S. would forfeit its global credibility entirely. He went on to stress that the Kurdish nation will "fight tooth and nail to defend its existence and its country."[1]

Below are excerpts from Bamarni's column:
"Anyone thinking that the people in Kurdistan will be the only loser because of the flaccid decision by the American president to withdraw from western Kurdistan and hand it over to Turkish President Erdogan is mistaken. The losers due to this foolish decision will be the entire civilized world and the international anti-terror coalition, as it reopens the door to the return of global terror that will recover and return to action, and will once again impose its hegemony on the region and dispatch its suicide squads to Europe. The biggest loser will be the U.S. itself, for by the very act of taking this decision, it loses the last fig leaf of its credibility... and henceforth no one will count on her and her false claims regarding [the importance] of democracy and human rights.

"Another [party] that will lose is the Turkish people, beset by a disaster in the shape of Erdogan, who seeks to push his people into the quagmire of interminable war against the Kurdish people. [This,] in order to run away from the domestic problems that enfeeble his absolute rule, to accomplish his racist, fantastical, and sick dreams to wipe out the Kurdish people and alter the national reality by settling three million Syrian refugees [there], and to expand regionally, restore the Ottoman Sultanate, and check the democratic experience in the Kurdistan-Iraq region, before they [the Turks] are rid of him. This man [Erdogan] does not hide the fact that he is an enemy to the Kurds wherever they may be, at a time that the Turkish public suffers under his [absolute] rule and dictatorship [while] he eliminates his opponents with utmost cruelty, and the country sinks deeper and deeper into the shifting sands of the approaching economic disaster.
Turkish backed jihadists murder prisoners and female politician in Syria
Turkish-backed jihadist forces in Syria murdered two Kurdish prisoners and shot down a woman politician during Turkey’s offensive in Syria on Saturday. The reports have shocked observers of Turkey, a NATO member, and the increasingly brutal campaign it is waging in Syria.

In one incident Turkish-backed extremists who are members of an Arab rebel group that is embedded with Turkey’s military operation are accused of murdering Hevrin Khalef, a female politician in eastern Syria. In a second incident the Arab fighters backed by Turkey murdered two Kurdish prisoners, one of them tied up, on a video. Many of the extremists Turkey has recruited to fight in Syria have openly shouted jihadist slogans claiming they are coming to murder the “kuffar” or “infidels.” Their behavior in the fighting has been compared to ISIS.

Turkey has used the Syrian Arab fighters as a way to avoid casualties, unleashing them across the border to attack and murder Kurds after US President Donald Trump announced the US would leave parts of Syria and open the airspace for Turkish airstrikes. Since October 9 Turkey has launched devastating airstrikes across northeast Syria, causing 100,000 to flee an area that was peaceful. US forces, sheltering in place near Kobane, even came under artillery fire. Turkey has sought to send a message that nothing will prevent it from continuing its operation and using Syrian Arab forces as cannon fodder to attack Kurdish areas and sack towns and villages.

The cynical ploy is part of Turkey’s attempt to channel Arab fighters from Idlib and other parts of Syria to use them against the mostly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces. Turkey has promised them they will be resettled in 140 new towns with 200,000 new homes.
Greenblatt to Arutz Sheva: Peace plan is realistic
Arutz Sheva spoke with outgoing White House Mideast Envoy Jason Greenblatt, who discussed the US peace plan and summed up his work.

What can you tell us at this stage about the peace plan, when will it be released?

There isn’t much that our team will reveal about our vision for peace until it’s officially released – which we have always said will be when the time is right. Most people who understand the complexity of the conflict know that only a realistic solution has a chance at ending it. It’s our hope that our vision can advance the cause of peace and bring people together to start a productive, realistic discussion – even if it’s not embraced immediately. But it’s important to remember that nobody can force this vision upon anyone. When the plan is released, it will be up to both sides to decide how to proceed. When the vision is released, we hope that both parties will read it carefully and not make any hasty decisions. We fully expect criticism from all sides. No one can put forth a plan that everyone will embrace. But we believe our plan is a realistic and implementable plan, one which can significantly improve the lives of millions of people.

What is your message to Israelis who fear that the plan will include demands for Israeli land concessions, especially after seeing a map presented during the elections by the Yamina candidates?

I don't know where Yamina got that map. I had never seen that map. I think they may have acknowledged that they developed the map themselves based on how they understood the various messages being sent about the plan. As I said in my July 23 remarks to the UN Security Council, many participants in this conflict’s conversation continue to re-litigate the events of 1967, when Israel heroically acted to defend itself against a threat of its very existence. Both Israel and the Palestinians have asserted a claim to certain land. The dispute over the territory is a question that can only be resolved in the context of direct negotiations between the parties, not by throwing around the traditional phrases about this conflict that has led to nothing. Those who have weaponized the term “occupation” in order to criticize Israel are doing nothing to promote a resolution to this conflict. In fact, they are heavily undermining the chances for peace and the improvement of the lives of Palestinians and Israelis. I prefer the term "neighborhoods and cities" to describe what others call "settlements". Use of the term "settlements" is purely political and ignores the reality of what they actually are.
Putin: Russia working on a free trade zone with Israel and Egypt, favors two-state solution
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia can play a key role in the Middle East as it has good relations with Iran and the Arab world.

He was speaking in an interview with Arab broadcasters, including Saudi-owned Al Arabiya TV, ahead of his first visit to Saudi Arabia in more than a decade.

Putin said nobody in Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates wanted a confrontation with Iran. He also said Russia was working on a free trade zone with Israel and Egypt, similar to one between Russia and Iran.

He added that Russia sticks to two state solution to resolve Israel-Palestine conflict and that the US plan known as deal of century is still unclear.

The president also said Iran's missile program should be dealt with as a separate matter to its nuclear program.

"It is possible, and we should, discuss Iran's missiles program... but the missile program is one thing and the nuclear program is another thing," Putin was quoted as saying.

The interview was aired on Sunday ahead of Putin's visit to Saudi Arabia on Oct. 14, the first visit in over a decade.

Speaking about Syria he said any new constitution that is drawn up for the country should guarantee the rights of all ethnic and religions groups.

He added that Syrians "interact positively" with Russian military police and military stationed in the country and that most military police in Syria are Muslims drawn from Russia's north Caucasus region.

Russia has been a key ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in his war with rebels and militants.
Israel to ban Palestinian produce unless PA ends sheep and calf boycott
Israel has threatened to ban Palestinian produce from its markets unless the Palestinian Authority ends its boycott of Israeli calves and sheep which began in mid-September.

“Israel will not allow boycotts of any kind against Israeli produce," the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Major General Kamil Abu Rukun announced on Saturday night. In specific, he explained that the PA has not allowed its farmers to purchase calves and sheep from Israeli farmers.

“Because of the Palestinian Authority's unilateral decision, which is hurting the economies of both sides, and after several inquiries to resolve the issue on various levels, I have warned that if the situation does not return to normal, we will not allow much of the Palestinian agricultural produce to enter Israel."

PA government spokesman Ibrahim Melhem said Palestinians had a right to diversity the items in its markets, including by replacing Israeli products with Arab ones, according to the Palestinian news agency, WAFA.

The step is also consistent with the PA’s long term strategy of disengaging from the Israeli market to protect its continued “occupation” of Palestinian territory, he said.
PA attempting to hold general election
Palestinian Arab journalist Nasser Al-Laham says the Palestinian Authority (PA) is working to hold parliamentary elections within 90 days, followed by a presidential election.

In an interview with the Ma'an news agency, Laham said that PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas tasked the Central Election Commission with preparing for the declaration of parliamentary elections.

The last elections in the Palestinian Authority were held in 2006, when the Hamas terrorist organization won a majority, enabling the group to form a government.

The PA parliament has not met since 2007, when Hamas violently seized control of Gaza from Abbas’ Fatah faction.

Hamas and Fatah have been at odds since the 2007 coup and all attempts to reconcile the warring sides have failed.

Fatah and Hamas later signed a reconciliation deal, under which the PA was to have resumed full control of Gaza, but the deal hit “obstacles” and has never been implemented.

Abbas' term as PA chairman was meant to expire in 2009, but he has remained in office in the absence of elections.

Iran Says Ready for Talks With Saudi, With or Without Mediation
Iran is prepared to hold talks with regional rival Saudi Arabia, with or without the help of a mediator, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said on Saturday, ahead of a visit by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Asked about reports that Khan, due to arrive in Iran at the weekend, may try to mediate between Tehran and Riyadh, Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said: “I am not aware of any mediation,” according to state broadcaster IRIB.

“Iran has announced that, with or without a mediator, it is always ready to hold talks with its neighbors, including Saudi Arabia, to get rid of any misunderstandings,” Mousavi added.

Iran’s foreign minister signaled this week that his country would be willing to discuss regional issues with Saudi Arabia, but that Riyadh had to stop “killing people.”

Saudi Arabia, which is locked in several proxy wars in the region with Iran, has blamed Tehran for attacks on Saudi oil plants on Sept. 14, a charge Iran denies. The kingdom has said it prefers a political solution to a military one.

Is antisemitism a psychological disease?
Two Jewish German philosophers made what is perhaps the best case for grounding contemporary antisemitism in social psychology – the scientific study of how people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors are influenced by the actual, imagined or implied presence of others.

Theodor W. Adorno (1903-1969) and Max Horkheimer (1895-1973) formulated the theory of guilt-defensiveness antisemitism to explain post-1945 German responses to the Holocaust.

This theory holds that pathological guilt about the Holocaust causes Germans to lash out at Jews. Put simply, it says that Germans are immersed in culpability about the crimes against humanity committed directly or indirectly by themselves or by their family members, and shift the blame to Jews in order to purge their distorted emotions.

A 2017 German federal government report revealed that 40% of Germans hold modern antisemitic views.

The study showed that nearly 33 million Germans – some 40% of the population of 82 million – are infected with a contemporary antisemitism: hatred of the Jewish state. According to the study, these millions of Germans agree with the following statement: “Based on Israel’s policies, I can understand people having something against the Jews.”

Accusing Israel of crimes in a process of psychological projection – in order to purge pathological guilt associated with the Holocaust – has a long, unsavory history in post-Holocaust Germany.

Does this mean that a great swath of Germans suffers from a kind of collective madness? Answering this question is a tall order.

Propagating the False Narrative That Zionists Are ‘Anti-Palestinian’
For years, activists who seek the destruction of the State of Israel have propagated the false narrative that Zionists are “anti-Palestinian.” While much of the pro-Israel community emphasizes that the two are not mutually exclusive, Israel’s supporters largely fail to construe an obvious truth: anti-Zionists are the true “anti-Palestinian” activists.

How is this possible? Because persecuting the state of Israel while refusing to acknowledge the principal role of the Palestinian leadership’s rejections of peace inevitably condemns Palestinians to endure the status quo.

Noura Erakat considers herself a “human rights” activist who was blessed with an epiphany: The law is politics. As such, she has taken it upon herself to use her law degree to, in her words, advocate for Palestinian rights.

But how is she going about this?

One would think that she would hold the Palestinian leadership accountable for failing to accept a Jewish state with the Peel Commission’s Partition plan in 1937, the UN Partition plan of 1947, the Clinton parameters in 2000, or Ehud Olmert’s generous peace plan in 2008. If not, one would think that she would at least condemn the Palestinian Authority’s decision to use foreign aid to fund terrorism against Jewish civilians in Israel, instead of creating social-welfare programs or education initiatives that do not center around, for example, Farfour, the antisemitic mouse who blames all his life troubles on the Jews.

But no. Never mind that Mahmoud Abbas is finishing his 15th year in power after he was elected for a four-year term in 2004, and never mind that the Palestinian Authority failed to comply with the basic parameters of the Oslo Accords from the moment it was signed. On September 24, Noura was received at the Harvard University Law School and Tufts University to discuss her new book Justice for Some: Law and the Question of Palestine.

During the Harvard event, she presented the basic parameters of her book: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict can only be understood through a settler-colonial framework; the international community has failed Palestinians by bending the law in favor of the Jews; and attempts should be made to prosecute Israeli veterans for war crimes.

Anti-Semitic content, string of incidents hit University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has been facing a recent streak of anti-Semitic incidents, including a swastika being found on one of its buildings.

The Nazi symbol was discovered on Monday in the Foreign Languages Building, according to a campus email sent Wednesday by Chancellor Robert Jones.

Additionally, a recent presentation for the school’s residential living team, consisting of 11 student employees and a full-time staff member, contained anti-Semitic content, the specifics of which are currently unknown.

Jones said campus administrators are reaching out to those who attended the meeting to gather information about what transpired.

“This exercise was part of a university program created to help students learn to share diverse ideas and perspectives that lead to new understanding,” wrote Jones. “Instead of fostering dialogue, it incited division, distrust and anger.”

“The program allowed our students to enter an extremely challenging and potentially volatile situation without the preparation, training, education and professional oversight they needed to succeed,” he continued. “This is inexcusable and unacceptable. This is a failure to our students, and that is my responsibility.”

Chantelle Thompson, a spokesperson for the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, told The Chicago Tribune that “concerns were raised that the presentation inaccurately linked some identities or viewpoints with violence and terrorism.”

Jewish boy attacked in Queens, New York
A seven-year-old Jewish boy is in critical, but stable condition after a man slammed him on the ground outside of his grandparent’s home in Kew Gardens, Queens, New York. The boy was reportedly waiting for a pizza delivery outside of his grandparents’ house.

The boy’s grandfather, Naftali Portonoy, who has been living in the area for 40 years, told NBC New York that he had never seen anything like this in the neighborhood. According to Portonoy, the suspect said “I’m bipolar. I wanted to kill the kid,” NBC New York reported.

Police caught the suspect who was identified as 35-year-old Laurence Gendreau. According to Arutz Sheva, the NYPD charged Gendreau with assault, harassment and acting in a manner injurious to a minor.

Gendreau was bothering people in the neighborhood earlier that day, Portonoy told NBC New York. While his grandson was wearing a kippah during the attack, Portonoy attributes the attack to mental illness and not hate.
Graffiti image of Hitler sprayed near Rabbi Nachman's grave in Ukraine
A graffiti image of Adolf Hitler was found on Sunday near the grave of Rabbi Nachman in the city of Uman, Ukraine. Local police arrested a suspect, a local who was taken into questioning. According to Ukrainian law, the sentence for such a crime can be a maximum of five years in prison. Israel's ambassador to Ukraine, Joel Lion, thanked the local authorities and the police for their work.

The incident, which took place on the eve of Sukkot (the Feast of the Tabernacles), has been condemned across the country. Ihor Shevchenko, Head of Cherkasy County wrote on his Facebook page: "Antisemitism is unacceptable in Ukrainian democracy. I condemn antisemitism and its various forms. Embarrassing graffiti was sprayed and was photographed by the Israeli ambassador, I hope the authorities will punish those responsible for this. I respect the right of everyone to their own life, regardless of their nationality or religion, antisemitism must be made extinct."

The Head of Uman County where the graffiti was sprayed, wrote on his Facebook page: "Spaying graffiti of Nazi symbols is a disgraceful crime, and an insult to the memory of millions of victims. These days, Uman is a multinational city that supports respect and tolerance among religions and ethnic boundaries. The community as a whole and I personally, condemn the incitement of ethnic, racial and religious hatred, as well as any actions with the purpose of humiliating the citizens of the Ukraine, as well as foreign civilians. We will continue to fight discrimination and I hope these kinds of incidents will not be repeated."
Take a stand against antisemitism: Ross Farca Preliminary hearing Nov. 14, 2019
On June 7, 2019 Concord California police were contacted by the FBI, who reported that local resident Ross Farca had made some alarming threats in an online video chat room

Farca's chilling words, as reported by the police:
"I currently own an AR 15 semi auto rifle but I can buy/make the auto sear and get the M16 parts kit. What do you think of me doing what john Earnest tried to do, but with a Nazi uniform, and unregistered and illegally converted "machine gun" and actually livestreaming it with Nazi music? I would probably get a body count of like 30 kikes and then like 5 police officers because I would also decide to fight to the death 10 you don't surrender to the ZOG 2) ever watch US prison documentaries? Also I would not spam full auto, I would use it for clusterfucks of Kikes. Generally you want to be on semi auto so you don't waste ammo, plus depending on target richness and need for suppression eventually I may go low on ammo so I would need to resupply from the dead officers since its 5.56"

In a separate post Farca wrote:
"Wanna see a mass shooting with a body count of over 30 sub-humans?"

Recovered from Farca's Concord home were an assault rifle, 13 rifle magazines, camouflage clothing ammunition and books about Hitler and Nazi life.

Ross Farca is now free on bail.
Released Terrorist Protests Court-Imposed Restrictions
A recently released would-be jihadist who wanted to attack southern California military targets and synagogues will be subject to warrantless searches of his home and belongings, including computers, cellular phones, and other electronics.

US District Court Judge Cormac J. Carney on Monday made permanent a series of extra restrictions for Kevin James, who violated limits on cell phone use and outside activities almost immediately after his July release from prison.

While he was an inmate serving time for armed robbery in a California state prison, James created the radical Islamic group Jam’iyyat Ul-Islam Is-Saheeh (JIS). Prosecutors described JIS as “a Muslim extremist group who recruited others to carry out violent attacks … [against] US military locations and Jewish synagogues.” He designed the plot and recruited others “even while his freedoms were restricted in state custody.”

James pleaded guilty in 2007 to conspiring to wage war against the United States through terrorism. But at that time, prosecutors and probation officers did not anticipate the need to impose added restrictions once his sentence was over. As we reported last month, the case illustrates a pressing challenge facing the country as more jihadis complete their sentences.

The added restrictions on James’ computer use and movements would “have a detrimental effect on his rehabilitation,” his attorney argued.

After more than 20 years in prison, James does not appear to have walked out with moderated views. He posted a picture online in August describing himself as living “in the land of dogs and pigs. May Allah free me from it soon.” It would seem from this that James has no desire to be rehabilitated from his radical ideology.
Fake Polish passport saved top Israeli politician from the Nazis, Warsaw says
Yosef Burg, a prominent former Israeli politician who was elected to the first Knesset in 1949 and served as an MK for the next 40 years, was issued a fake Polish passport in 1940 to help him escape Nazi-controlled Europe, according to the Polish Embassy in Switzerland.

“Yosef Burg, who was trapped in Nazi-surrounded Switzerland, in August 1940 obtained an illegal Polish passport to escape to Spain and then to continue to Eretz Israel,” Polish Ambassador Jakub Kumoch said in a statement on Friday that cited previously unpublished documents from Israel’s state archives.

Kumoch said Burg was saved from the Nazis as part of a rescue operation by Aleksander Ładoś, who was Poland’s ambassador to Switzerland in 1940-1945, together with the World Jewish Congress.

Burg, who was born in Dresden, Germany, in 1909, was a Knesset member between 1949 and 1988, and served in many ministerial positions under seven Israeli prime ministers. He was one of the founders of the National Religious Party. Burg died in 1999. He never mentioned the Polish chapter of his life in public.

Burg’s son, Avraham Burg, himself a former politician and Knesset speaker, told The Times of Israel on Sunday that he had no information regarding the accuracy of the new information and could not confirm it.

He said that while he knows his father came to Israel with a Polish passport, he has no additional information on the matter beyond what has been published.

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