Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hamas stealing from and beating Gaza returnees from Egypt?

The Palestine Press News Agency, which is rabidly anti-Hamas, reports that the hundreds of people who so far returned to Gaza from Egypt through Israel are being subject to theft and beatings by Hamas (autotranslated):
Ramallah-Palestine-Presse more than 500 Palestinian dividend of citizens who remained stuck on the Egyptian border with the Gaza Strip for more than seven weeks, in addition to the theft of beating and humiliation and defamation by the militias Hamas coup during return through the Erez checkpoint to Gaza recently.

The citizens returning to Hamas militia confiscated Chentham and personal belongings did not give any of them the right to prove luggage after forfeiture, and said that those who tried to challenge that was met with a storm of the beating, noting conversion of a number of cases to hospitals for treatment of bruises and wounds, With another woman said that the militia elements Humasawiyeh confiscated personal Massagha When he demanded it back to these murderers "and Sergnah Akhberti of Ardti will Isedkki anyone," Ms. answer "yes Hasbi Allah and the agent."

Eyewitnesses also confirmed lived in the place that militia elements Humasawiyeh mutilated battery of a child no older than ten years and the cancer patient, for he refused to give them the bag he was carrying in his hand, which contains a special medications, They explained that the child was kicked in the chest embroiled in a coma and was transferred to hospital to receive treatment.

He and citizens were waiting for relatives they also heard expressions of contempt by these elements blood can not say the people and the right of citizens to watch practices returnees can not exercise the right of animals.

One citizen returning resolution deploring bitterly and after what he suffered at the hands of the Hamas militia "after Maantna severe in Egypt border Israeli occupation soldiers received the best reception," and I swear that before asking about his passport Ordaya chilled bottle of mineral water and asked that the best Alaabarato was hungry for Ihiro him lunch and then Talbo passport, after his arrival to his homeland in Gaza Hashem reacted killers Altkeverien beating, humiliation and theft, wondering : from whom the occupation? !