Sunday, October 15, 2023

From Ian:

Bret Stephens: Hamas Bears the Blame for Every Death in This War
A Hamas that wanted a more prosperous Gaza could have it, simply by desisting from its ideological aims.

If Gaza is the open-air prison that so many of Israel's critics allege, it's not because Israelis are cruel but because too many of its residents pose a mortal risk.

The central cause of Gaza's misery is Hamas. It alone bears the blame for the suffering it has inflicted on Israel and knowingly invited against Palestinians.

Peggy Noonan: The October Horror in Israel Is Something New
Terrorists calling themselves a resistance movement passed over the border from Gaza and murdered little children; they took infants hostage as they screamed. They murdered old women, tormented and raped young women, targeted an overnight music festival and murdered the unarmed young people in cold blood or mowed them down as they ran screaming. They murdered whole families as they begged for their lives; they burned people alive; they decapitated babies.

There is no cause on earth that justifies what these murderers did. There is no historical grievance that excuses or "gives greater context" to their actions. This is what happens when savages hold the day: They imperil the very idea of civilization. Butchering people was the aim. It is what they set out to do. It was cruelty as an intention.

The famously dangerous neighborhood has never been more so, and one senses Israel's enemies think this is their moment. What Hamas did was stone evil. Tell the world and show the world, over and over.

Israel has led with its heart. On a Zoom call this week, a man in Israel told Americans about a young woman killed at the rave who was from Brazil. Her mother and sister flew in for the funeral. Fearing that no one else would be there to mourn, someone on WhatsApp sent out the word. 7,000 people showed up, having heard that the family might be alone. My eyes filled as I heard it, and fill again as I write.
Ex-Iran envoy Robert Malley was critical of Israel, has family ties to PLO
Malley is no stranger to controversy, and has followed in the footsteps of his father — an Egyptian-born Jew and Arab nationalist journalist who dedicated his life to anti-Israel causes and the developing world.

Simon Malley embraced national liberation movements around the world, and was a trusted confidant to Arafat and former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, with whom he once conducted a 20-hour interview, according to reports.

In 1969, after covering the United Nations for the Egyptian newspaper Al Goumhourya, Simon moved his family to Paris to launch Afrique Asie — a journal that focused on newly independent states such as Egypt and Algeria and gave a voice to liberation movements around the world.

The journal embraced campaigns that disrupted France’s influence in Africa. It was banned in several African countries for supporting radical movements against King Hassan II in Morocco and dictator Mobuto Sese-Seko in Zaire, among others.

Malley, along with his brother Richard and sister Nadia, attended the posh École Jeannine Manuel, a bilingual school in Paris where his future boss Blinken was a classmate. Antony Blinken, Robert Malley and Iranian activists 9

The Malley family’s sojourn in Paris was interrupted when conservative French president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing ordered Simon out of the country and stripped him of his residence permit in 1980.

The expulsion came shortly after Interior Minister Christian Bonnet told the country’s National Assembly that articles written by Simon “were genuine appeals to murder foreign heads of state. The French government cannot tolerate this.”

French authorities put Simon on a plane to New York City, the hometown of his wife Barbara Silverstein, who had worked with the United Nations delegation of the Algerian National Liberation Front, or FLN.

Anne Bayefsky: Denial of Israel's Right of Self-Defense Needs to Stop Now
On Oct. 9, 2023, two days after a slaughter of Jews unprecedented since the Holocaust, the Pakistani Ambassador to the UN in Geneva asked the states attending a UN Human Rights Council meeting to stand and join him in a minute of silence for "the victims of decades of foreign occupation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory." And they did.

UN forces are doing the political dirty work of Hamas and its partners. UN officials reacted immediately by condemning Israel and finding ways to excuse and diminish the actions of its mortal enemies. The UN is not a neutral party in this war.

UN statistic-gatherers rely heavily on Hamas sources, who lie. Palestinian terrorists seek to inflate casualty numbers, and the UN has repeatedly obliged. The UN continuously announces alleged numbers of dead and injured in Gaza without separating casualties into terrorists and civilians. Yet killing the armed combatants of the enemy during a time of war is not illegal.

UN sources constantly misrepresent international law, claiming that any civilian casualty is a war crime. In fact, the rules prohibit targeting civilians, and they recognize that within limits, civilian collateral damage or indirect harm is unfortunate but legal.
Jon Gabriel: Israel Must Reject Calls for ‘Proportionality’
When it comes to warfare, proportionality is bad policy. The victor in any fight is the one who disproportionally harms the enemy more than the enemy harms them. To wit…

Japan destroyed several US Navy assets in an outlying American territory, then captured a few further-flung territories, brutalizing the populace. America’s disproportionate response starved Japan of food, fuel, and materiel, carpet-bombed its urban cores, dropped two nukes, and killed somewhere between 1 million and 2 million of its people (estimates vary widely). Even then, half the Japanese Imperial Cabinet wanted to fight on. Following Japan’s surrender, we occupied their country, recreated their government in a Western image, imposed a new constitution, and still maintain a military presence nearly 80 years later.

Germany declared war on the UK, Russia, and the US, and devastated much of Europe. The Allies’ disproportionate response was to lay waste to Germany, flattening cities, towns, and villages; annihilating their economy and social structures; starving the people; and, as in Japan, imposing a new government, business, military, and civic life.

What are the proponents of proportionality even asking for? Would they praise Israel for breaking into Gaza without warning, taking civilian hostages, beheading babies, and livestreaming it all for laughs and celebrity approval? Would they have praised the UK for the industrial murder of 6 million random Germans? Of course not.

What would have been a proportional response to 9/11? Kabul didn’t have gleaming skyscrapers to raze or a globally interconnected economy to devastate. If the US had run amok in Kandahar slashing thousands of innocents with box cutters, I don’t see the UN praising us for proportionality.

Those demanding proportionality from Israel do not want proportionality at all. Instead, they do not want Israel to defend itself. They want Hamas to be the victor.

Asking for tit-for-tat responses guarantees a forever war.
Biden says Hamas using innocent Gazans as human shields; phones Netanyahu, PA’s Abbas
US President Joe Biden spoke Saturday with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, urging them to allow humanitarian aid to the region and affirming his support for efforts to protect civilians.

Meanwhile, Biden accused the Hamas terror group of using Palestinian civilians to shield themselves from Israeli retaliation.

Addressing a Human Rights Campaign dinner Saturday in Washington, Biden linked the humanitarian crisis in Gaza to the actions of Hamas, the terror group that has controlled the Strip since it took over in a bloody coup against Abbas’s PA in 2007, after Israel had unilaterally withdrawn from the entire enclave to the pre-1967 lines in 2005.

“A week ago we saw hate manifest another way in the worst massacre of the Jewish people since the Holocaust,” Biden said, citing the 1,300 lives lost in Israel in massacres of civilians committed by Hamas terrorists, as well as “children, grandparents alike kidnapped, held hostage by Hamas.”

“The humanitarian crisis in Gaza — innocent Palestinian families and the vast majority that have nothing to do with Hamas — they’re being used as human shields,” he said. “We have to reject hate in every form.”

While Biden has spoken to Netanyahu multiple times since the Hamas attack, Saturday’s call was his first to Abbas, a Hamas rival who runs the Palestinian Authority which controls the West Bank. According to a US readout of the call, Abbas briefed the US president on efforts to bring aid to Palestinian people, particularly in Gaza.

Biden reiterated to Abbas that “Hamas does not stand for the Palestinian people’s right to dignity and self-determination,” according to the readout.

According to the PA-run WAFA news agency, Abbas stressed to Biden “the necessity of stopping all attacks and respecting international humanitarian law” in Gaza.
PETER HITCHENS: Who can seriously call on Israel - a nation the size of Wales - to weaken its defences further by agreeing to the clamour for a two-state solution?
Have you noticed that Israel is the only country in the world that gets blamed for being attacked?

And that there are people who loathe it so much that they are actually prepared to defend or excuse the deliberate mass murder of civilians, including old women and tiny children?

There is something deeply wrong with the Western world's view of Israel, and this is not confined to absurd, marginal figures such as Jeremy Corbyn, wandering in the dense jungles of Trotskyism. It is far deeper and broader.

The Western prejudice against Israel is most easily detected in the BBC. The Corporation long ago abandoned its impartiality over many issues, most notably man-made global warming.

But it excuses its refusal to call the child-murderers of Hamas 'terrorists', on the grounds that its impartiality is so important. Have you noticed that Israel is the only country in the world that gets blamed for being attacked? And that there are people who loathe it so much that they are actually prepared to defend or excuse the deliberate mass murder of civilians, including old women and tiny children? Pictured: Protestors climb the Eros statue at Piccadilly Circus during a March for Palestine in London on Saturday

Have you noticed that Israel is the only country in the world that gets blamed for being attacked? And that there are people who loathe it so much that they are actually prepared to defend or excuse the deliberate mass murder of civilians, including old women and tiny children? Pictured: Protestors climb the Eros statue at Piccadilly Circus during a March for Palestine in London on Saturday

I have a suggestion for the BBC. I would be quite happy if they called Hamas 'murderers' rather than terrorists.

This is a factual description which does not breach impartiality. But we all know they will not do it.

It is now 19 years since the BBC commissioned the Balen Report into claims that its coverage was biased against Israel.

This document has never been published, and the BBC has spent more than £300,000 of your money on court cases ensuring that it stays secret. So it is not hard to guess what it says, is it?

But this media and political bias is not confined to the BBC.

I will not name (for I have no recording of the event) the prominent TV reporter who I once heard using the expression 'bashing the Shloms' to sum up his basic mission of running anti-Israel stories, as the Western media corps relaxed over drinks in the lovely courtyard of Jerusalem's American Colony Hotel.

But you will find it in most of the British Establishment (the same is true of many European countries, less true in the USA).

It is especially strong here because Britain in 1917 agreed to set up a 'National Home for the Jews' in what is now Israel. And almost immediately we wished we had not done so.

In 1939, we tried to wriggle out of our promise just when it mattered most. That year, when the homicidal Nazi hatred for Jews was already obvious to all, this country's government stopped almost all Jewish migration to Palestine.

This cowardly backtracking closed the only true escape route for those who would soon afterwards be slaughtered in Hitler's pogroms and death camps.

One of the few to oppose this weak, shameful and wrong action at the time was Winston Churchill, then out of power.
JPost Editorial: Graphic images of Israeli terror victims confirmed an awful truth
The images from the October 7 massacre in southern Israel are extraordinarily difficult to behold. Charred bodies, babies riddled with bullet holes, elderly women shot in the head. The depths of Hamas’s depravity are impossible to comprehend.

And yet, after reporters who visited one of the kibbutzim targeted by the genocidal terrorist group last weekend reported that dozens of children had been brutally murdered, the response from some wasn’t horror and revulsion, but rather mockery and incredulity.

This was particularly apparent on X (formerly known as Twitter), a cesspool inhabited by some of the absolute worst of humanity, where some users poked fun at the reporters and openly questioned the veracity of their reports.

In response, Israel violated a longstanding practice.

For years, successive Israeli governments have resisted displaying the mangled bodies, the severed limbs, or the pools of blood produced by Palestinian acts of terror. They did so out of a belief in the Jewish principle of kavod hamet – the dignity of the dead – as well as a refusal to stoop to the level of anti-Israel propagandists, who perversely parade the bodies of dead Palestinians in an effort to garner international support.

This time, however, Israel felt that it had no choice. On Thursday, the government sent media outlets three photos: two of small burnt and blackened bodies, and a third of a small body covered in blood.

We at The Jerusalem Post were among the first to confirm, on the basis of the photos, that the reports of Israeli children murdered by Hamas in unspeakable ways were true. We opted not to display the photos on our website, instead linking to government social media accounts on which the photos could be found, while warning readers that the photos were graphic and deeply disturbing.

Of course, this did not suffice for the propagandists, who suggested that the photos showed that children had been burned to death, but not beheaded, and questioned whether the photos were indeed from southern Israel. Some went so far as to suggest that the photos were fake, generated by artificial intelligence.

The entire discourse is nothing short of nauseating. But it is also telling.
US think tank MEMRI opens Hamas Atrocities Documentation Center
The Middle East Media Research Institute announced on Thursday it opened the Hamas Atrocities Documentation Center — a repository for the videos and photographs of the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust that unfolded on October 7.

The Washington-based think tank wrote “The Hamas Atrocities Documentation Center (HADC)… will provide historical documentation for the years to come, for academic and educational purposes.

“Since we cannot post these horrific graphics and videos on Meta platforms, we will provide verbal descriptions of them, and make the videos available for viewing on the MEMRI Hamas Atrocities Documentation Center Report account on Telegram.”

Documenting the atrocities of Hamas
MEMRI named its Telegram channel “Hamas Atrocities Documentation Center Report.”

Yigal Carmon, the president and founder of MEMRI, wrote on his organization’s website ”I ask anyone who has in his possession relevant videos of these atrocities to send them to We will post them in the appropriate manner, since we have to keep in mind that they are not suitable for any viewer, just as materials to be documented as acts of horror, like in the Holocaust. Even the horrors of the Holocaust no one can watch. But still, we created Yad Vashem to document the Holocaust.”
Seth J. Frantzman: Report from the Gaza Front: A New Playbook
I spent the first days of the war on the Gaza border, mostly near Kibbutz Zikim. On the fifth day, October 11, I went to the Gaza border city of Sderot and spent time in the community, speaking with locals and also with the police. From these conversations and also discussions with members of the Israel Defense Forces, I learned about the difficult first days of the war. While the general motto in Israel is “we will win” and “unity,” the actual task of what comes next will be challenging.

Israeli forces have been gathering around the Gaza border for a week now, since the massacres on October 7. Israel faces a well-known enemy that has morphed into a much more dangerous threat than in the past. On Friday morning October 13, almost a week into the war, the IDF called for civilians in Gaza to leave their homes and head south, apparently a prelude to increased IDF operations in the northern Gaza Strip.

“The Hamas terrorist organization waged a war against the State of Israel and Gaza City is an area where military operations take place. This evacuation is for your own safety.” Israel has already dropped thousands of munitions on Gaza, striking buildings and hitting Hamas targets. Overnight on October 12/13, the Israel Air Force struck 750 military targets, the IDF said. This included underground Hamas tunnels and other compounds.

So far the war appears to be following a similar playbook as the past. Israel has done this before in Operation Cast Lead in 2009 and also Operation Protective Edge in 2014. In those campaigns Israel mustered forces along the border and launched ground incursions after days of airstrikes. Israel has also conducted numerous short operations over Gaza in the last decade, usually involving air strikes. This policy however has not succeeded.

On October 7, Hamas launched a massive attack on Israel. This included using small drones to strike at observation posts so that Israel’s technological superiority was nullified. It also involved thousands of terrorists attacking 29 points along the border and overwhelming IDF units along the border, so that other terrorists could move through gaps in the fence and attack Jewish communities. The terrorists carried maps of their objectives with them. In Sderot, a city of 30,000 close to the Gaza border, Hamas members came into the city in large numbers, estimated by police at over 200 terrorists. They headed for the police station where 29 Hamas fighters attacked 12 Israeli police. The police, outgunned, eventually could not withstand the attack and the enemy took over the station. It eventually had to be flattened to get rid of the threat.

In Sderot, a quick reaction force of a counter-terrorism unit, bolstered by numerous police, now armed with M-4s, was able to stop the attack. Although there were many casualties, the city was saved. However, along the border the 19,000 residents of 20 communities were often left to their fate. At Erez, a small kibbutz founded in 1949, the hundreds of residents heard shooting. The kibbutz like all communities on the border has a local security team of veterans with firearms. Those men went to confront the attack but they soon realized that their small team was facing a huge number of terrorists armed with RPGs and sniper rifles. They called for help from across the road, from Kibbutz Or HaNer. The security team of the second kibbutz arrived and held off the terrorists for most of the day. According to them they felt completely isolated and alone, wondering had happened to the army, which is usually present to stop attacks. They didn’t know the whole border had suffered similar attacks.
I'm in the field for Fox in Jerusalem. I've seen Hamas horrors and it hit me very hard
I have been working in the news for almost 25 years. I have always dreamt of being a journalist and am one of the fortunate ones who do what they love most. And while I cannot imagine myself doing anything else, I have realized in past years what a huge toll it has on my life.

The most disturbing thing I have seen, since the Hamas attacks of October 7, is too horrible to describe and share here. In the past week, I have seen the most awful things that can be done to people of all ages—babies, older women, young teens -- scenes that I will never forget.

Yonat Friling is a Sr. Field Producer for Fox News Media based in the Jerusalem Bureau.

I have lost friends and colleagues in this round of terror attacks, too. Like most people in Israel since the attacks on Saturday morning, October 7, we either know someone who was murdered, kidnapped or currently fighting Hamas. This touches almost every household here.

The army’s presence here in Israel during conflict times is familiar, and we work well with them and are able to bring the stories of the people here.

There are 70,000 living near the Israel-Gaza border area, and in less than 24 hours, more than 1,000 of them have been slaughtered. Families seeking shelters on a sunny Saturday morning were killed; in some places, they barricaded themselves for 10 to 16 hours with no electricity or water, with only the clothes they had. They heard the Hamas militants' footsteps and their conversations in their homes. Each story we hear is more unfathomable than the other, more disturbing.

The scene in Israel since the Hamas attacks is grim. Most of the towns and communities are empty. The streets are silent, shops are closed, and there are no people are walking around. There is a heavy army and police presence, and the smoke from the rockets and the airstrikes fills the air. Trey Yingst reports from Israeli kibbutz attacked by Hamas Video

In the communities that were closest to the border, the houses of Israelis living there have been torched, and there's no resemblance to the vibrant lifestyle that was there just a few days ago.

I have covered many wars and conflicts here in Israel, but this is the hardest one I have encountered so far; I am at a loss for words to describe what I feel, and frankly, I haven't had the time to do so.

What Israelis Are Feeling Now
Israeli author Dr. Micah Goodman, a senior fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, was asked what many Israelis are feeling after the Hamas attack. "I'm in a state of shock, overwhelmed, because what happened in the massacre of Simchat Torah is unthinkable....I'm also filled with sadness and grief because people that I love...have someone that they love in the hands of the monsters in Gaza, and people that they love that were murdered in Be'eri and Nahal Oz, in Kfar Aza, in Sderot, in Ofakim."

"I'm also feeling admiration...because we admire the spirit of our people - the amount of stories of absolute bravery of men and women in Be'eri, in Kfar Aza, in Nir Am who fought to kill terrorists, to save lives, to save their families, to save other people's families....We're also experiencing rage like we've never experienced before. Rage directed at the monsters of Hamas. This rage is going to speak very, very loudly in the next few weeks and months to come."

"And maybe above anything else in this cocktail of emotions, I feel pride. I've never in my life felt more proud to be an Israeli....There's not one Israeli that's not waking up in the morning every minute of these days and asking one question: how can I help?"

"When we speak about our international relationships, there are two emotions we have to be thinking about: love and fear....We want Western civilization to love us....In the Middle East, we don't want to be loved. We want to be feared....But here's the problem....Everything we do that will guarantee that the Middle East is afraid of Israelis, of these crazy, unpredictable Israelis, everything we do in order to build that myth back again is going to make people in the West not like us, not love us."

"Hamas is just a front of Iran. It's one large, organic monster. We weren't attacked by a local militia, we were attacked by the Persian Empire. We were attacked by Iran....It's not just Hamas - it's a large, powerful, sophisticated network of military forces that are training and were designed to bring Israel down."
How America Can Help Israel
Yonah Jeremy Bob covers the Israeli intelligence agencies and military for the Jerusalem Post. He said Saturday's shock gave way to rage, "and then rage crystallized into a very steely determination. It's the thing Israel's enemies never fully understand. They think of Israel as a weak Western state, where people care about their looks and money and all the things that will make them flee rather than fight." Hamas often scoffs that "the Jews love life." But that's why they fight for it.

"Hamas took its best shot and it won big on the first day. But it really doesn't have anything else. It isn't going to accomplish anything else close to what it has already done. From here on, it's going to be Israel demolishing them." Israelis used to worry that it might cost 1,000 soldiers to topple Hamas. But by letting Hamas reign, "we've now lost 1,200 people. So nobody has a hesitancy."

What does Israel need from the U.S. now? First, "give Israel bunker-buster bombs." Second, "declare that the U.S. won't pressure Israel to prematurely halt its counterinvasion," even as civilian casualties inevitably follow. Third, "shoot down one Hizbullah or Hamas rocket to show that the U.S. is willing to lean into this, and the naval movements aren't for show." Fourth, "move up delivery of the KC-46 refueling planes."

"There was shock when people saw the pictures, but that lasts for only so long." Israel's assault on Gaza will lead to "new pictures on the Palestinian side" and moral equivocation from the West. That's when Israel needs the U.S. to stand firm, because no one else will.
Acts of Bravery in the War Against Hamas
Without a shred of intelligence, Col. Benny Aharon, commander of the 401st Armored Brigade, arrived at Nahal Oz and saw a tank on the road.

"I said to the crew commander: 'Give me the tank.' I drove to Kibbutz Re'im. I saw Hamas vans on the way and just ran over them. The terrorists threw explosives at the tank, but the tank kept going" until it ran out of fuel.

Lt.-Col. Ran Cna'an commands the 450th battalion at the Infantry Corps school.

"We went to Re'im. We got off the buses and advanced on foot. An Israeli vehicle approached us. Something wasn't right about it. I realized it was a terrorist and I shot."

"I opened the trunk and I found a female French tourist who'd been abducted from the party - tied up, but alive."

"I carried on to Kissufim. I joined a Golani company commander and a deputy military security coordinator." They began cleansing the kibbutz of terrorists.

One of the squad commanders had been shot and was injured. The battalion commander ran to help him and was himself shot.

"I had the strength to crawl backward with him. I put tourniquets and bandages on both of us and we carried on fighting."
IDF Soldier Dies after Jumping on a Grenade to Save Others
In the initial hours of the Hamas attack, seven soldiers from the Golani Brigade found themselves under attack by a multitude of Hamas fighters in Kibbutz Nir Am.

Soldier Daniel Varach recounted: "We were in the armored vehicle, completely encircled with no escape route."

Suddenly, a terrorist tossed a grenade into their armored personnel carrier (APC).

Cpl. Matan Avergil spotted the grenade and lunged over it, saving the others.
IDF kills Hamas commander who led Oct. 7 massacre


Israel war: GOP senator urges Biden to fire Jake Sullivan over intelligence failures

IDF says Israel not responsible for Salah-al-Din convoy explosion amid civilian evacuation
ISRAEL Defense Forces on Sunday (October 15) claimed that Israel is not responsible for the explosion that blew up a convoy carrying Palestine civilians in Salah-al-Din, one of the main roads in the Gaza Strip.

“What I am able to say with confidence, because we have asked, is that the IDF did not purposely strike in that area. There was no targeting of vehicles,” said Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson Jonathan Conricus.

Israel has vowed to annihilate the terrorist group Hamas in retaliation for terror attack by its fighters in Israeli towns eight days ago, in which the terror group shot men, women and children and seized hostages in the worst attack on civilians in the country's history.

On Friday (October 13), the Israeli military told residents of the northern half of the Gaza Strip, which includes the enclave's biggest settlement, Gaza City, to move south immediately.

On Saturday (October 14), it said it would guarantee the safety of Palestinians fleeing on two main roads until 4 p.m. (1300 GMT).

Some videos circulated online from Gaza City on Friday (October 13) showed a convoy of evacuees from Gaza City being hit by shelling.

Hamas told people not to leave, saying roads out were unsafe.

Sky News speaks with Israeli soldier who reveals details of Hamas invasion
Sky News has spoken exclusively with a British-Israeli soldier who was one the first members of the Israeli Defence Force to engage with Hamas in the attacks of early October.

The soldier who has not been fully identified due to safety reasons spoke to Sky News correspondent Alistair Bunkall about his experience involved in the war against Hamas.

“We were getting calls over the radio that they are identifying hundreds upon hundreds of terrorists running and reaching the border, breaking down the fence and coming towards Israel,” he said.

“We drove towards where we were given the report and as we turned the corner they opened fire on us.

“As we were driving forward, we lose control of our vehicle as an RPG hits the front of our vehicle which caused us to crash and we can see from behind us that they are running into the kibbutz – and then we get hit by another RPG.”

‘We stand with Israel’: Penny Wong condemns Hamas for ‘evil attacks’
Foreign Minister Penny Wong says on behalf of the Australian government “we stand with Israel”.

Australia is supplying $10 million dollars in humanitarian assistance to affected civilians, as well as flights out of Tel Aviv for Australians trying to leave.

Ms Wong said, “we reiterate Israel’s right to defend itself.”

“We unequivocally condemn Hamas for these evil attacks.

“Australia’s consistent position in all contexts is to call for the protection of civilian lives and the observation of humanitarian law.”

Red Cross demands Hamas grant immediate access to hostages held in Gaza

American-Israeli offers 1 million shekels for Gaza hostages release

Cleverly: We Don’t Know How Many Brits Are Hamas Hostages

Most Americans see through pro-Hamas narrative on Israel war, poll shows

Americans back 'complete eradication' of Hamas, 3-to-1

Ben Shapiro: You’re Being Lied To About Israel And Palestine | Facts Ep. 5
Israel, renowned as the holy land, possesses a rich historical background. Spanning from pivotal conflicts to protracted struggles for control over its cities, Israel and its people have experienced triumphs and setbacks alike in their endeavors to safeguard their homeland. Join me as I unpack the true story behind the most disputed country in the Middle East.

The Spectator: 'Get them out' – Douglas Murray on Britain's Hamas supporters
Douglas Murray and Paul Wood join Spectator TV to discuss the Isreal-Palestine conflict and how the global community should respond.

Triggernometry: Why SO Many Colleges Support Palestine Adam Corolla, Konstantin Kisin & Francis Foster explore the true motivations behind pro-Palestinian support on college campuses.

Hamas does not 'have the capability' to defeat Israel
Independent Women’s Forum fellow Dr Qanta Ahmed says she wants Muslim leaders around the world to condemn Hamas.

“Hamas is illegitimate and at this moment we are on the threshold of a war that Israel’s going to wage on the ground in Gaza which is going to be as difficult as the battle for Mosul, the battle for Fallujah,” Dr Ahmed told Sky News Australia.

She said it will be "absolutely devastating and difficult" but Israel will prevail.

“Hamas does not have the capability to defeat Israel.

“Israel's response to this is a pure deterrent so that Hezbollah understands it cannot get involved. “

Megyn Kelly: How Anti-Semitism is a Result of Woke Drift Among Progressive Left, with Noah Rothman
Megyn Kelly is joined by Noah Rothman, senior writer at National Review, to talk about some on the left splitting with a certain progressive wng to defend Jews after war in Israel, why that nuance is unlikely to last, how anti-Semitism is a natural consequence of the woke drift among the left, and more.

Rubio asks Biden administration to cancel visas for foreign nationals supporting Hamas

Muslim countries must open their borders to Gaza refugees

Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman: U.S. Should ‘Welcome’ Palestinian Refugees

Palestinian terror-tied groups pocket hundreds of thousands from Biden administration

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