Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's time for Iran's "Hollywoodism" conference!

Last year, Iran held its first "Hollywoodism and Cinema" conference, where we learned lots of new things, such as the fact that Hollywood is the "most active section of the U.S. and Israel military industry."

Yes, somewhere buried in the Pentagon budget, is hundreds of millions of dollars to produce the next Transformers movie.

The conference was such a smashing success that another one is planned for this year:
Organizers of the 30th Fajr International Film Festival will be holding the second conference on “Hollywoodism and Cinema” to review the influence of the Zionist regime on Hollywood.

Over 40 foreign experts and cinema critics are invited to attend the second edition of the conference running from February 2 to 4, Culture Ministry official Gholamreza Montazemi said in a press conference held here on Monday. The names of the guests will be announced later.

The Foreign guests invited to the conference, which is being held on the sidelines of Fajr festival, are due to discuss the impact of Hollywood in the world of cinema and how to resist this impact, Montazemi added.

Cinema of Hollywood is trying to promote the idea of conciliation between Satan and man, this is while Iranian cinema is the cinema of awakening, he said at the conference.

He continued that several topics are to be discussed at the conference including the world awakening, the influence of Hollywood on public opinion, the destruction of family and humane values, and how to fight against this influence.

A seminar on Islamic Awakening is also to be held on the sideline, in which experts are to discuss the issue of Islamic Awakening.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s sister-in-law Lauren Booth, who has converted into Islam, is expected to attend the Islamic Awakening seminar.
One of the films to be screened at the festival is the very appropriately named "The Anti-Semite," a joint Iranian/French production.

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