Sunday, April 14, 2013

Jordanian family threatens to kill 10 Israeli tourists in "revenge"

From Arabs Today, April 7:
Last week policeman Ibrahim al-Jarrah, aged 27, had been accompanying Israeli tourists to the Ma’in hot springs, close to the Dead Sea, shortly before he was found dead at the site.

Al-Jarrah’s brother, Joseph, told Arabstoday: “We want a full explanation of the death of our brother, who remained in sulphuric water for 40 hours.”
Relatives have claimed al-Jarrah was killed by criminals.

Security sources have meanwhile denied reports of foul play circulating on social networking sites, amid claims al-Jarrah was killed after receiving a blow to the head while escorting 21 Israeli tourists to Ma’in.

“There is no criminal suspicion here,” sources told Arabstoday.
Video of Harrah's body being recovered makes it appear likely that he simply slipped and hit his head in the rocky spring.

But if Jews were around, naturally the Arabs will want to blame them.

Angry Jordanians burned an Israeli flag on Friday to protest what they are convinced is Jewish involvement in Jarrah's death.

On Thursday, Jarrah's brother Yusuf Mohammed threatened to kill or kidnap up to ten Israeli tourists who enter Jordan as of this past Saturday until an investigation is completed to the family's satisfaction.

An op-ed in allofjo.net written by a Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman lashes out against the very idea that Jarrah was accompanying the hated Jews to begin with calling them brothers of monkeys and saying that Jarrah's blood wa smade worthless in order to stay away from blaming the Jews. Moreover, the op-ed describes the murderer of seven Israeli schoolgirls as a hero, and is disgusted that Jordan's King Hussein apologized to mere Jews for their deaths, calling it a disgrace to Jordan's armed forces. He wails that Jordanians are serving the Jews, enemies of Allah.

This hasn't hit the media yet, but Israeli tourists to Jordan should be extra careful.