Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Turkey banned IHH from doing earthquake relief

Even Turkey understands how the IHH is a jihadist organization masquerading as humanitarian.

From the Danish Institute for International Studies report I quoted yesterday:

Organizations such as IHH are quick to respond to natural disasters and other human catastrophes. Unfortunately, these groups often seek to use these situations to gain leverage with destitute Muslim refugees. In August 1999, when a devastating earthquake struck Turkey, IHH reached the affected zones, in some cases, even before the Turkish government. Friction quickly grew between authorities tasked with relief and independent Islamist “humanitarian” groups. Ultimately, Turkey was forced to ban the IHH from participating in earthquake aid efforts because it was counted among several “fundamentalist organizations” operating “secret bank accounts” that were refusing to allow local authorities to oversee the distribution of their aid resources.60

This is besides IHH's known involvement in gun smuggling and recruiting mujahadeen that the paper describes.