Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Work accident!

A Hamas terrorist blew himself up and two others were injured when an explosive they were planting detonated a bit earlier than they had expected.

I don't know whether incompetence gets rewarded with the 72 virgins, but I cannot claim to be an expert on the finer points of Islamic doctrine.

Our 2007 PalArab death count has now reached 587.

More details on an earlier death - the police found a note saying "we are from several families, and have executed Hassouna for violating honor."

How honorable!

UPDATE 2: Hard to figure out the details, but PalPress is reporting on a horrific death of a 14-year old boy, apparently decapitated after being abducted in Rafah. 588.

22 year old shot and killed Friday night. 589.