Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Nakba that no one mentions: 315,000 Pal "refugees" lost their homes in Syria

UNRWA's statistics show that in Syria there are some 235,000 "Palestinian refugees" who have become displaced in that country.

Over 71,000 of the "refugees" became real refugees in Lebanon, and 8000 more in Jordan. Thousands more have fled to Egypt, Gaza, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

44,000 homes of Palestinian Arabs in Syria have been damaged or destroyed.

In total, more than half of Syria's Palestinians have been displaced.

Palestinian Arabs in Syria are still being killed daily. A UNRWA employee was killed last week, becoming the 7th UNRWA employee killed in Syria. The total number killed is above 1500.

Yet no one is calling this a "Nakba." In fact, hardly anyone is talking about this at all.

While the UN has numerous committees and events and days and meetings dedicated to helping Palestinian Arabs who are perceived to be victims of Israel, this year (besides UNRWA press releases) there has been only one semi-official statement on the matter listed in the UNISPAL archives, from January. Here it is:

Asked about reports that the Secretary-General may be acting as an intermediary between Israeli and Palestinian officials over the fate of Palestinian refugees in Syria, the Spokesperson said that the Secretary-General has expressed his deep concern on the plight of Palestinians displaced and uprooted by the violence in Syria. He has called for countries in the region to help the refugees.

That's it. A half-baked statement only made as an answer to a question. Nothing - zero- being done pro-actively by the UN to help them (again, besides UNRWA.)

The UNHRC has had nine anti-Israel resolutions since the beginning of 2012 - and not one about Syrian Palestinians.

600,000 people who left their homes in 1948 - most not forcibly but out of fear - have generated tons of papers, dozens of resolutions and thousands of man-days of obsessive attention. Over half that number are suffering much more today, and are being ignored by that same body - even among the specific committees that are ostensibly meant to help Palestinians!

Even the Palestinian Arab media have far more articles about Jews walking on the Temple Mount than about their fellow Palestinians being murdered, injured and made homeless daily.

Gaza fishermen get more attention from the media, NGOs, the EU and the UN than hundreds of slaughtered Syrian Palestinians.

It is more than a double standard. It is proof that the only reason people pretend to care about Palestinian Arabs is because they really want to demonize Israel rather than to lift a finger to actually help any Palestinian Arabs.