Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Islamists protest film about Jews at Tangier Film Festival

Last year I reported about a film made by an Arab about the Jews of Morocco:

TINGHIR-JERUSALEM, ECHOES FROM THE MELLAH: The Rediscovery of a Judeo-Berber Culture

Director: Kamal Hachkar
Kamal Hachkar grew up in France with the idea that all Berbers were Muslims. From his grandparents he learns that some Berbers were Jewish and that in many villages, Muslims and Jews lived together for a long time. His search leads him to Israel where he meets families originally from Tinghir.  Elders spoke of  their lives in Tinghir, answering many of his questions.  On meeting Jews of his generation, with origins in Tinghir, Kamal realizes that he is not alone in his desire to restore this buried part of their identities.  He hopes that his generation will be able to acknowledge the bonds broken by history.
Now the film is being shown at a Moroccan film festival - and the Islamists aren't happy.

Hundreds protested the film at a festival in Tangier, shouting "No to normalization with Israel!"

The director, when asked his reaction, shrugged and simply said they could watch the film if they wanted and decide then. Naturally, this wasn't what they wanted to hear.