Thursday, April 05, 2012

PA Mufti denies there was ever a Jewish Temple!

From the ever-vigilant Palestinian Media Watch (not yet on their site):

PA Mufti Muhammad Hussein on PA TV News:

"They [Jews] want to say or suggest that this place (Temple Mount) was once, according to their claim, a Temple. However, in truth, there never was a Temple in any period, nor was there, at any time, any place of worship for the Jews or others at the Al-Aqsa Mosque site (built on the Temple Mount, 705 CE)."
[PA TV (Fatah), Jan. 5, 2012]
So where exactly did Mohammed tether his magical flying horse again? Ah, the wall of the Farthest Mosque that had not yet been built.

By the way, buried in the Palestinian Authority Central Bureau of Statistics website, we see a timeline of Jerusalem history that includes:

20 AD

Herod allows the return of the Jews and the building of the temple.

The date is obviously wrong, but it still contradicts the Mufti.

So does this PA tourism site:

Macdoni Alexander : The country was under the Persian regime, until Alexander conquered it in 332 B.C. Domination over Orshaleem, fluctuated at the time of his successors; The Batalma and the Sloqs. Population were influenced at the time of Heilinsity with the Greek civilization. The Sloqi king, Antiokhos, the fourth, in (165) B.C. destroyed the Temple and compelled the Jews to convert into Greek idolatry. That resulted in the flare up of the Macabian revolution, and the Jews won the independence of Orshaleem under The Hasmonians regime from 135 B.C to 76 B.c. 

These will get scrubbed soon, no doubt.

(h/t Andreas)