Thursday, January 14, 2010

More exports from Gaza; world media silent

Israel again today allowed shipments of flowers and strawberries from Gaza, which has become a regular occurrence over the past couple of weeks.

One would think that such a loosening of the "siege" would be worth at least one article in a major newspaper or Western website. it represents a significant change in Israeli policy and it shows that Israel is not arbitrarily hurting Gazans; that its goals aren't collective punishment but Israeli security.

Yet the only English language stories that mention the exports are from Ma'an, with a very few mentions from other Arab media. The only non-Arab mention I could find was from Xinhua.

There is a simple reason why the Western press is not eager to cover this story: it is because it contradicts the memes that they have carefully constructed over the years of a heartless Israel collectively and arbitrarily punishing the poor, starving, innocent Gazans.

It directly contradicts the accusations of Goldstone and NGOs like Human Rights Watch that Israel's goals are to hurt Gazan civilians.

Naturally, reporters who have spent so much time constructing their lattice of lies about Israel are not keen on demolishing it by publishing mere facts. In fact, the Guardian never corrected its story that claimed that Israel bans all exports from Gaza even after I emailed them about it with proof.

Is this not a story worth reporting?