Thursday, December 21, 2006

A couple of short items about hospitals

  • On Tuesday, some of the Fatah/Hamas gunfighting occured in the corridors of a hospital in Gaza.
    At Shifa Hospital, the biggest in Gaza, tensions are so high that wounded from different factions cannot be placed in the same room. "Everyone has family, friends and bodyguards," said hospital spokesman Dr. Jumaa Saqqa. "We have to separate them. Otherwise there will be clashes."

    Hamas' security forces took control of the hospital four months ago, at the orders of the health minister from Hamas, Bassem Naim.

    On Tuesday, a two-hour gunbattle raged in the hospital's hallways, sparked by a confrontation between Hamas guards and escorts of an officer from the Abbas-allied intelligence service who sought treatment for a broken leg. A security officer was killed and 10 people were wounded in the fighting.
  • Israel is treating some of those wounded in the intra-Palestinian Arab fighting in its own hospitals, according to a news flash in the Palestine News Network website (only the Arabic site, not the English one, because it is not responsible to inform the world of anything decent that Israelis do.)

I somehow doubt that anyone from the press will point out the irony that Palestinian Arab fighters, who are sworn to destroy Israel, are safer in Israeli hospitals than in PalArab hospitals.