Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Muslim riots, 1934-36

There is truly nothing new under the sun.

Muslims have staged deadly riots over stupid things way before Denmark ever became this year's target of flag-burning.

(All of these articles are taken from The Palestine Post archives.)

In 1934, Muslims started rioting over a book that supposedly insulted Mohammed:

A very similar case happened a year later. A Hindu wrote a book, allegedly insulting Mohammed. He was promptly murdered. When his killer was executed, the Muslims in India rioted, killing 20:

In Lahore, some Sikhs decided to demolish an abandoned mosque. Only four were killed, so this was considered a very minor riot.

Again, a similar scenario played out in 1936 in Bombay when the Muslims felt that a Hindu temple was being built too close to their mosque:

To be fair, Hindus living with the Muslims were disposed towards violence as well over silly reasons:

But for Muslims to riot against Jews, they didn't even require a Jewish antagonist. Just like today, any old reason would do to riot against the Jews/Zionists/Americans, no matter how tenuous the connection is to the alleged insult:

These are not the only Muslim riots during this three-year period, of course. There were others that started for political reasons, especially in Lebanon as well as the usual riots against Palestinian Jews. But these are more similar to today's riots in the fact that they were over stupid issues and they show how cheap human life is to the rioters.

They also show that the much lauded "Muslim tolerance" towards other religions is a myth, and has been for quite some time.