Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fatah member insults Hamas; says it supports Israel

Whenever Hamas and Fatah insult each other, it is to prove that the other side is more conciliatory and peaceful towards Israel (and, in contrast, how their side is adamantly against Israel and its policies.)

Which tells you all you need to know about how much they desire peace.

The latest comes from Fatah Revolutionary Council member Jamal Nazzal, who says that Hamas' positions are so close to Israel's that Hamas could become a member of Israel's unity government!


What are the manifestations of the 'dispute' between Hamas and Israel? There are none. What are the axes of the field of conflict between Hamas and Israel? No axes of conflict. ... How many rockets are fired by Hamas to the occupation every day? Zero. How many Hamas leaders in the field are targeted by the occupation per month? Zero. What are the means Hamas uses to pressure Israel to halt settlements? None. What are the means Hamas uses to achieve the demands a Palestinian capital in Jerusalem? None. What is Hamas' program for the return of refugees? A dreamy call of Palestine from the river to the sea. What is the nature of Hamas programs for relief and care of refugees? None at all!

Hamas did not interfere in the recent war between Israel and Islamic Jihad. Therefore we can not say that there is a state of war taking place between Israel and Hamas, any more than we can talk about a state of war between Syria and Israel. Israel ended the field of engagement with Hamas for a truce in exchange for Israeli silence on the authority of Hamas in Gaza. This is the image: a truce for Hamas' authority. Hamas's commitment to the protection of borders and addressing the factions is a part of this agreement. Calm. Peace. These are the fundamental concepts of the relationship of Israel by Hamas.

...The real conflict is not between Hamas and its ally, the Israeli right. Both benefit from the current situation remaining unchanged, they hope for a thousand years.

The Fatah movement calls makes demands rejected by the Israeli right. Hamas refuses to reject the Israeli right!!

Fatah calls for an independent Palestinian state with its capital Jerusalem. Israel rejects this.

Fatah calls for the return of refugees and the removal of settlements Israeli. rejects this.

Hamas and the Israeli right reject the UN resolutions of international legitimacy and the Palestinian state and the idea of ​​a negotiated solution! And they accept a temporary Palestinian state as a reality under the rule of Hamas to secure the occupation in Gaza now....

D. Jamal Nazzal
Member of the Revolutionary Council of Fatah
In Arabic, you will not hear Fatah saying that Hamas rejects peace while Fatah strives for it - you will hear the opposite! Fatah tries to position itself as being more intransigent and less flexible in relation to Israel. They almost taunt Hamas to increase their militancy.

But to the idiots in the media, Fatah is still the "moderate" movement.