Monday, November 07, 2011

Islamists in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia thinking of an alliance

The al-Moslim website, quoted by Palestine Times, discusses the idea of a pan-Islamist alliance between the Islamist parties in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt.

The article mentions that most of the Islamist groups in the area come from the Muslim Brotherhood and that it makes sense for them to work together.

According to the article, since Arab liberals are aligning with each other in those countries then the opposing Islamists must do so as well. (I am not aware of any liberal pan-Arab movements.)

Islamists are claiming that there is a great hunger among the people in these countries to learn more about Islam and to adopt the practices that could be taught by these groups.

What is certain is that the Islamists remain by far the best organized parties in each of those countries, and they have traditionally been much better at long-term strategy than democratically-minded liberals who only think in terms of the next election cycle.