Monday, May 10, 2010

Here are the semi-naked women of Al Aqsa!

Two weeks ago I mentioned that the Al Aqsa Heritage Foundation was complaining about Zionist desecrating part of the Al Aqsa compound (actually, south of the Temple Mount) with noisy concerts and semi-naked women. The story was picked up by other Arab media outlets as well.

It turns out that they published pictures of these unspeakable desecrations on their iaqsa.com website. Prepare to be shocked!

If you squint very hard and liberally use your imagination, you can almost see the half-naked women. It helps if you are foaming at the mouth at the time with anger.

By the way, there is an Arab school on the Temple Mount itself where Muslim kids play ball on the holiest site in the world. Jews walking respectfully around the site of the Temple is an unspeakable desecration, but kids playing games are fine - since they are Muslim.