Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Galloway group attacked by Muslims


George Galloway's entourage has been attacked by "students" of a controversial Muslim leader, the politician's spokesman has said.

The Respect party candidate for Poplar and Limehouse was campaigning in Watney Market, east London, when three men allegedly abused and lunged at him.

The spokesman said that the trio pushed members of the group and would have attacked Mr Galloway if they could.

Police arrested and bailed three men on suspicion of behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

The alleged incident took place at about 1500 BST on Saturday. No one was injured.

Mr Galloway's spokesman said: "There were three characters who were shouting abuse.

"They were shouting 'kafir' [a derogatory word for non-believer], which is very insulting, and that Mr Galloway deserved to die.

"They were very aggressive and then they lunged forward towards Mr Galloway.

"I would certainly consider it an attack."

The spokesman said that the men barged and pushed other members of the entourage and, had they not been in the way, he believes Mr Galloway would have been assaulted.

He said: "It was their intention to have physical contact.

"Their ire is directed at us because we have Muslims involved in the campaign, and they don't think Muslims should play a part in democracy.

h/t Jawa Report