Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Summer's here, and the time is right...

Three years ago Bacon-Eating Atheist Jew had an idea for a song parody of "Dancing in the Streets". Given that title, I whipped out some lyrics, BEAJ sang it and Watcher created a slide show.

Well, it's summer again. It popped into my head this morning, and most of you never saw it, so here is the utterly politically incorrect video:

Callin' out around the world
Get ready for the desert heat -
Summer's here and the time is right
For Muslims in the streets
Rallying in San Francisco
Down in Belgium
Up at Ground Zero

All they want is rockets, sweet rockets
Katyushas everywhere
There'll be demonstratin' , swastikas wavin'
Muslims in the streets

Oh, it doesn't matter what you wear
Burqas, hijabs covering hair,
So come on, every guy grab a sign
Pretend to care about Palestine!

There'll be rioting,
Muslims in the street

This is a demonstration
Bomb a train station
And burn some effigies
Lefties and commies, halal salamis,
More Muslims in the streets

London UK
Dearborn and DC now (Baltimore and DC now)
Madrassas in VA

All they want is dead Jews (lots of dead Jews)
Burning US flags everywhere
There'll be lots of hatin', cursing Big Satan
And Muslims' in the street, yeah

You can praise imams in Iran
Just don't burn any Korans
Beat you chest, scare the west
Convert the dhimmis, behead the rest

Lots of Muslims
Rioting in the streets