Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday morning linkdump

Several Palestinian  Arabs killed by a massive bomb, but it no one cares because they weren't killed by Israel.

Ephraim Karsh writes about the Middle East's real apartheid.

The English editor of Ma'an describes how Hamas intimidates journalists. But he doesn't write it in Ma'an,  proving that he is one of those intimidated.

Remember how the Beirut River turned blood red? Now the Litani turned milk-white.

An Iranian link between the Delhi and Bangkok blasts.

Female Israeli pro-Palestinian Arab activists complain they are being sexually harassed by PalArabs and fellow enlightened leftists.

A Fatah leader charges Iran with paying off Hamas to stop any unity between the two.

Gazans protest the fuel crisis - but carefully avoid blaming Hamas.

Does the UN care about human rights? Hahahahaha!

(h/t Yoel, Dan, Benny)