Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fatah, Hamas celebrate "flying Zionist body parts" in 2004 attack

Usually nowadays Hamas and Fatah can't stand each other, but when it comes to reminiscing about terror attacks, they have nothing but warm feelings for each other.

Hamas' Palestine Times newspaper and the pro-Fatah Palestine Press Agency celebrate (and exaggerate) the twin suicide bombing attack at the Ashdod port that occurred eight years ago, on March 14, 2004.

The attack was meant to blow up the fuel tanks at Ashdod which could have killed hundreds of people. The bombers felt thwarted from that goal and instead blew themselves up hundreds of meters away, killing 10., mostly port workers.

The two bombers, one from Hamas and the other from Fatah, infiltrated Ashdod by hiding in a shipping container from Gaza.

In an unusual and possibly unprecedented move, both the Hamas and Fatah newspapers published the same article about the terror attack, using flowery language to describe the murder of Israeli civilians, including (in PalPress' headline) "flying Zionist body parts."

Israel responded to the attack by killing Sheikh Ahmed Yassin a week later.