Monday, February 20, 2012

Iran cancels soccer game because opposing coach is Israeli

From JPost:

Iranian soccer group Sepahan Isfahan cancelled an upcoming training match after learning that its rival team's coach is Israeli, the Serbian Cafe website reported on Monday.

The group was scheduled to play against Serbian team Partizan Belgrad on Friday.

"I'm disappointed that the game was cancelled," Partizan Belgrad coach Avram Grant said. "They told me it was cancelled because I'm Israeli. I don't mix sports with politics and I'm not going to start now."

The Serbian team previously cancelled its participation in a training camp in Dubai because of difficulties in obtaining a visa for Grant and moved the games to Israel instead.
Probably just as well. After all, Iran threatened to deliver a crushing blow to Israel if the Jewish state made even the slightest hostile move, or even thought about attacking. If they would lose to a team with an Israeli coach, they would shoot thousands of rockets towards Israel as "retaliation."