Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Details on the first set of prisoners (YNet)

From YNet:
Speaking to reporters on Tuesday night, Shin Bet chief Yoram Cohen said that in the first phase of the swap, Israel will release 450 prisoners. Two months later, Israel will choose an additional 577 prisoners it wants to release.

All Palestinian female prisoners held in Israeli prisons are included in the list of 450 including Amina Mona, a young woman who lured a lovestruck Israeli teenage boy by the name of Ophir Rahum to a Palestinian city over the Internet, only to have him killed by waiting terrorists.

Israel will release 110 prisoners to the West Bank (14 to east Jerusalem) while 131 will return to their homes in the Gaza Strip.

Of the 450 prisoners to be released in the first phase, 280 are serving at least one life sentence.

However, Israel scored a major victory as nearly all top Palestinian terrorists will not be freed in the exchange, including:

  • Marwan Barghouti who was sentenced to five life sentences for his role in the murders of Israelis during the al-Aksa intifada
  • Abdullah Barghouti who is serving out 67 consecutive life terms for building the bombs that murdered 66 people
  • Ahmed Saadat who headed the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and was responsible for the assassination of Israeli minister Rehavam Ze'evi
  • Hassan Salama, a Hamas leader who was convicted of murdering 67 Israeli citizens
  • Abbas a-Sayed, mastermind of the Park Hotel suicide bombing in which 30 Israelis were killed on the eve of Passover 2002

  • Ibrahim Hamed, who was found guilty of involvement in terrorist attacks that led to the death of 82 Israelis

"450 is a large number but 300 are leaving the area to Gaza or overseas," Cohen said.
Israel has been releasing a few hundred prisoners a month for years now, so waiting a couple of months and then releasing 577 of Israel's choosing is not too bad.

And the fact that the top terrorists are not being released is very good news.

Ma'an quotes other Israeli sources as saying that of the initial set of prisoners, 23 are from Fatah, 6 from the DFLP, 6 from the PFLP, and all the rest from Hamas.