Monday, September 19, 2011

Photo of an anti-semite on Wall Street

Today I happened to be on Wall Street, where there was some leftover anti-capitalist protesters from Saturday's fizzled out "Day of Rage." 

Here was one of the demonstrators:

I will declare that (for today at least) I was a Wall Street Jew. However I am not a Jewish billionaire (yet) and I believe that 3 out of the 5 Federal Reserve Board governors are Jewish. 

To help raise the SEO of this post, I will write the word "Jewish" a few more times, because, after all, this guy wants you to Google the word "Jewish" to find out our nefarious plots. 

It is a shame I was in a hurry to get somewhere when I saw him, or else I would have interviewed him. I would love to know what was the point of his sign, what he has against Jews, and what kind of job he holds that allows him to take a day off and rail against the Jews who supposedly have all money. 

Like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates or the Walton family, who I imagine he thinks are hidden Jews.