Sunday, May 02, 2010

Hamas refers to suicide terrorists as "smart bombs"

The Al Qassam Martyrs Brigades (Hamas) website has an article extolling the beauty of people who blow themselves up in order to hurt the Zionist enemy.

Hamas takes credit for pioneering suicide terrorism during the "blessed Al Aqsa intifada" and says that other Palestinian Arab factions imitated it, but weren't as good at it.

This article quotes a new Arabic book on the topic.

Here is some of their depravity:
Hamas has excelled in performance and excelled in proficiency, with development and innovation. Its results were characterized as distinctive, and their explosive power was increased with new, more effective materials, and added to the weapons the use of iron ball bearings instead of nails to make the impact more severe.

The attacks were professional and scientific..., and these facts combined to make losses of the enemy as large as possible, until observers and even the general people would attribute some operations to Hamas before any such announcement if it was clear that the losses of the enemy where great.

The martyr is a mobile, self-conscious, "smart bomb" that picks and chooses the time and place carefully so as to achieve distinctive success and confuse the enemy.
The article goes on to say that some other factions didn't put the same scientific controls around their terrorist bombers as Hamas, making the weapon not as effective as it could have been.