Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hamas loves Qaddafi

Hamas polical leader Khaled Meshal is in Libya and meeting with crazy president, and inexplicably still Colonel, Maommar Qgaddhaffphi (I think I need to spell it differently every time.

Meshal said that he would have preferred if Gaza bordered Libya instead of Egypt, as no one would be building a giant iron wall between Libya and Gaza.

I think that this is a wonderful idea. It could easily be accomplished if all Gazans would move to Tunisia, the country that already hosted the PLO leaders for a while. They can take a tiny piece of that country on the border, and see if Libya is as magnanimous as it claims.

Better yet, why not ask Qaddaphy if he would welcome all Palestinian Arabs to become full citizens of his country if they so desire. Immediately, a couple of hundred thousand would take him up on that offer. That would prove his love and loyalty.

Unfortunately, Libyan law does not allow Palestinian Arabs to become citizens, like most Arab League countries. But don't call that discrimination.