Friday, June 05, 2009

Obama's deceptive Muslim advisor

The Arabic press is noting that one of the people who worked on Obama's Cairo speech is Dalia Mogahed, an American Muslim advisor of Obama's who wears a hijab "as she walks through the corridors of the White House."

While I have no problem with women wearing a hijab, I do have a problem with Dalia Mogahed.

Mogahed works for the Gallup organization, and last year co-wrote a book called "Who Speaks for Islam? What a Billion Muslims Really Think." As I noted in my Amazon review, the book is an opinion piece masquerading as science. She knowingly and deceptively cooked the numbers to make it appear as though a much smaller percentage of Muslims support terror and justified 9/11. She wrote articles claiming that her research showed that "only" 7% of Muslims were "radical" when her own numbers showed that over one third of Muslims found 9/11 to be either completely, mostly or partially justified.

Her reputation as an objective expert gives her all sorts of prestige and influence, yet she has been proven to be a fraud in interpreting her own data. The fact that she is Muslim, rather than validating her as a shining representative of her co-religionists, actually suggects the distasteful idea that Muslims cannot be trusted in reporting objective facts.