Friday, October 26, 2007

Egyptian newspaper compares Israeli prison - and Gaza - to Auschwitz

More imbecilic hate from Egypt:
At the notorious Kitziot Prison, a real concentration camp minus gas chambers, crack Israeli soldiers have been ganging up on helpless and fettered Palestinian prisoners, shooting, beating and humiliating them under largely concocted pretexts....

The pogrom-like attack on the helpless Kitziot prisoners lasted for more than two hours as a huge cloud of smoke hovered over the area...

Another man, a plasterer, also unemployed because Israel won't allow raw materials, such as cement, into the Strip, insists on more daring language. "I don't know why the world doesn't call things by their real name. Here the Jews are starving us to death. Gaza is a large concentration camp. It is very much like Auschwitz. Yes, there are no gas chambers and crematoria. But people are dying for lack of food and lack of medicine.

The entire article is so riddled with lies and omissions that it is no wonder that Egyptians hate Jews and Israelis as much as they do - they are incited by pseudo-intellectual haters like this one.

Forgetting the absurd claims that Gaza is a death camp - at least that part is only quoted, not stated as fact (even though the headline screams "Much like Auschwitz") - even comparing Ketziot to a concentration camp is simply Jew-hating slander meant to incite. While Ketziot is no picnic, prisoners watch TV and get newspapers, and a large number of them smuggle in cell phones.

Not to mention that at Ketziot, a thousand prisoners rioted and burned down their own tents, which caused the "huge cloud of smoke" mentioned in the article.

Contrast this with Egypt, whose prisons are scenes of exceptional torture. A recent Al-Jazeera report on torture in Egyptian prisons resulted in Egypt arresting the female reporter and throwing her into one of them. A video of one Egyptian prisoner being sexually assaulted with a stick caused a brief flurry of news earlier this year, and Egyptian authorities regularly use electric shock against prisoners. In 2005, Egyptian police sexually assaulted women at a peaceful demonstration in broad daylight - and they were protesting Egyptian prison torture. Police who do manage to get tried for torture are routinely freed.

If one wanted to compare prisons to concentration camps, one would find that Egypt's prisons fit the definition much better.