Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another "grim milestone"

As I've mentioned before, I have always suspected that my English sources at PCHR and other places were not telling us about all the deaths in the PalArab territories due to infighting and plain stupidity.

Thanks to Google Arabic translation now in beta, I can start to glean a little more about the many Palestinian Arabs who are killed by their own. Most Palestinian Arab newspapers in Arabic seem to ignore the self-deaths as well, but I found one that seems to report on them, Fasl Al-Maqal.

So far today I saw a story about a Christian woman who entered a car which then exploded last Sunday.
Widow of large crowds of Almgar and nearby villages on Sunday, the body of the murdered women, Ms. Aida Abu Shakarh (44 years old). , which killed as a result of an explosion of an explosive device placed under the car driven by her brother Milad Abu Shakarh.
And a man stabbed to death:
Young has reached the age of twenty-eight years, from the village of Allekaya in the Negev, was killed on the night of the day before yesterday, after it was attacked and stabbed with a knife.

The young man, the victim arrived at Soroka Hospital in Beersheba by his family but the crew medical examination could not save his life, and announced his death.
This, police sources did not disclose the name of the deceased young man, as it did not point out what believes the cause of this crime, note that the young man had no criminal record holders.
Combine this with the story of a Hamas man killed by four masked "militants" and we now have documented 100 Palestinian Arabs killed by their own people since Operation Summer Rains began in late June.

Human rights organizations of course ignore these cases because they do not consider Palestinian Arabs to be human - unless they are killed by Israelis. (The only exception is PCHR, and as we've seen they miss quite a few cases themselves.)