Friday, September 02, 2005

The Peculiar Alliance - Neo-Nazis and Islamists (Daveed Gartenstein-Ross)

Hating Jews makes strange bedfellows.
THERE HAVE BEEN rumblings of late about the developing alliance between Islamic radicals and neo-Nazis. In late May, Israeli president Moshe Katzav gave a speech before the German parliament in which he warned, 'Let's not be surprised if terror organizations use neo-Nazis for carrying out terror attacks.' And on August 5, WorldNetDaily reported, 'Neo-Nazi skinheads are working with radical Islamists in a growing unholy alliance that has European law enforcement officials concerned about a new front in the war on terrorism.'

Such an alliance seems unlikely on its face; after all, neo-Nazis view most Muslims as racially inferior, while Islamic extremists believe that neo-Nazis are just another flavor of infidel. However, a closer examination reveals that many white-supremacist groups have expressed solidarity with Islamic terrorists recently, and in turn some white supremacists and far-right Holocaust deniers have found newfound supporters among the Islamists.

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