Tuesday, October 10, 2023

10/10 Links Pt2: A community forged in pain; The Hamas Einsatzgruppen Attack; Biden vows assistance to Israel, warns others not become involved in fighting

From Ian:

Melanie Phillips: A community forged in pain
I am in Israel, where the sense of collective grief, horror and anxiety is off the scale. The situation that unfolded last Saturday is beyond the worst Israeli nightmare.

As thousands of missiles were fired into Israel from Gaza, around one thousand Hamas terrorists stormed across the border fence and attacked communities in towns, villages and kibbutzim across the south of the country.

Their aim was the mass murder of Israeli civilians. They went from house to house slaughtering the occupants and burning down their homes.

They gunned people down in their cars; they killed elderly men and women and small children; they hacked one Israeli to death with an axe. At an open-air music festival, armed paragliders mowed down at least 260 young people who were raked with gunfire as they ran for their lives.

Women were raped and burned alive; the bodies of murdered Israelis paraded around Gaza were stripped naked, spat upon and desecrated; babies were slaughtered in front of their parents; mothers with children in their arms were abducted and swallowed up with others in Gaza’s subterranean infrastructure of terror tunnels to be used as hostages. Their likely fate is unthinkable.

Heartbreaking images are now seared forever into the mind: an elderly, terrified Holocaust survivor being abducted into Gaza without the medication needed to keep her alive; a small Jewish child, alone and bewildered, being tormented on a Gaza street by Palestinian children who are all taught to hate and murder Jews.

Israel has been at war many times. It has experienced many terrorist atrocities and many thousands of rocket attacks.

This was something different. Barbarism and depravity against Jews on this scale hasn’t been experienced since the Holocaust.
MEMRI: A Statement By The President And Founder Of MEMRI On The Hamas Einsatzgruppen Attack
At this bitter hour of loss and calamity there are countless matters that need our attention, but I wish to address only the most crucial and important issue – namely, our loved ones, who have been murdered, wounded, abducted, or who are missing.

The most pressing issue right now is to put forward a practical offer on the table. I, Yigal Carmon, a former Colonel in the IDF Intelligence Corps and a former counterterrorism advisor to two Israeli Prime Ministers – Shamir and Rabin – who in late August published a report on MEMRI's website, the Middle East Research Media Institute, warning of the danger of a looming war in September-October – a report that nobody heeded – I propose to approach all international bodies as well as all Arab countries that speak to us – Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and make the following offer:

Hamas demands the release of all the Palestinian prisoners incarcerated in Israeli jails. We say yes. In fact, we are the ones offering it ourselves. We are willing to release them all, without delay, without precondition, without exception, in return for all our loved ones who have been taken hostage, who are missing, who have been murdered, injured, dead, alive. In return for all, we will immediately release all of the prisoners to any destination they choose, including Gaza, including Egypt and Jordan. This is our bargaining chip, and we offer it all.

It is crucial that the families and all Israeli citizens know that we offered everything – everything – in return for our loved ones, and if Hamas refuses this offer, the entire world, as well as the citizens of Israel and their families, will know that there is no choice but to continue pulverizing Hamas. The families of the Palestinian prisoners will understand this as well.

Now to another matter. The Hamas attack cannot be compared to the '73 war, which is a war that we now miss. Not even to the massacres of the Islamic State. The comparison to animals made by Israel Defense Minister Gallant is also not appropriate, since no animal commits murder out of sheer cruelty. The only appropriate comparison is to the Einsatzgruppen, the paramilitary death squads of the SS of the Nazi Germany, who were attached to the 4th Wehrmacht Army groups that invaded Poland and Russia in the outbreak of World War II. Their one and only mission was to murder Jews wherever they found them. That is the only relevant comparison, and I propose to anyone that has a heart to stick to this comparison.

My institute, MEMRI, is currently establishing a Telegram account in the spirit of Yad Vashem, to document the murders, including of Holocaust survivors, that Hamas committed on that day, October 7. This is a project that should have been undertaken by the Israeli government, but nothing can be expected of this government. We must document everything. These Einsatzgruppen murderers have committed the same kind of murders that their predecessors did. So that the world will know, and so that Israeli children will learn about October 7, 2023 in schools. So that the world doesn't forget and is not allowed to forget.

I ask anyone who has in his possession relevant videos of these atrocities to send them to We will post them in the appropriate manner, since we have to keep in mind that they are not suitable for any viewer, just as materials to be documented as acts of horror, like in the Holocaust. Even the horrors of the Holocaust no one can watch. But still, we created Yad Vashem to document the Holocaust.
MEMRI: The Hamas Einsatzgruppen Attack – October 7, 2023
I personally warned about the likelihood of war in my August 31, 2023 essay on, titled Signs Of Possible War In September-October. While Iran's Islamist terrorist regime provides Hamas with military and strategic support, and training, the real power that enabled this operation was the Aal Thani family that rules Qatar.

The Aal Thani family is Hamas's enabler. In fact, its support of Hamas constitutes a direct attack on the state of Israel. Qatar funded the building of Hamas's military empire in Gaza: a huge underground city with military headquarters and connecting tunnels; a massive missile arsenal; and 30,000 killers and the munitions required for a long war – in short, everything that was needed for the October 7 attack.

The tragic answer is: It was a policy for over a decade under Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that gave Qatar a free hand to send $1.5 billion to Hamas, which enabled Hamas to build its military empire.

The explanation for this anti-Israel policy was the presumption that the Israeli government is so wise that it is buying Hamas, and quiet from Hamas, with other parties' money. But this never happened. Instead, Netanyahu sold out our lives and our security for a reckless illusion. And the deal with Qatar may have served Netanyahu in other areas.

Hamas is not the only Islamist organizations that Qatar has supported over the years. The Aal Thani family supported the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. As Richard Clarke, counterterrorism advisor to Presidents Clinton and H.W. Bush, wrote, "Had the Qataris handed [KSM] over to us as requested in 1996, the world might have been a very different place." As of this writing, Qatar finances terrorists who live in Doha, according to David Cohen, former U.S. Treasury undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, and according to the records of the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT).

Qatar also supports the Taliban, ISIS, and the Al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front. Currently, lawsuits are underway against Qatar's financing of terrorism across Europe and in the U.S.

Qatar is a state sponsor of terrorism, and should be proscribed as a terrorist state on all international sanctions lists. The Aal Thani family has managed to conceal its crime of supporting Islamist terrorist organizations thanks to its tremendous wealth, which they have used as a tool for many years – even though its crimes included responsibility for 9/11.

Qatar's latest support for the Hamas Einsatzgruppen attack in Israel was also evident on its television channel Al-Jazeera, which is placed at the service of Hamas's leaders – commander Muhammad Deif and "military spokesman" Abu Ubaida – whose statements they have aired numerous times, just as they did with Osama bin Laden's speeches both before and after 9/11. To the shame of the Israeli government, Al-Jazeera has not been stopped by either administrative or legal means. With the Hamas Einsatzgruppen attack and with the killing of Holocaust survivors, they have gone one step too far. The game is now over.

This is something that neither U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who is the stepson of the late American Polish-born Holocaust survivor Dr. Samuel Pisar, UNESCO Honorary Ambassador and Special Envoy for Holocaust Education, nor President Biden will never forgive, unless they have lost all moral consideration
Brendan O'Neill: After the slaughter, the victim-blaming
We can now see the double racism in pseudo-progressive politics. There’s the racism of hating Israel above all other nations. And there’s the racism of viewing Palestinian Arabs as so childlike, so fundamentally lacking in agency, that they can never be held meaningfully responsible for what they do. Make no mistake: when radicals say Israel is ‘the only one to blame’ for the atrocities it experienced on Saturday, they aren’t only demonising Israel – they’re also infantilising Palestine. They’re reducing the Arabs of Gaza to a kind of pre-human species capable of nothing more than reacting to stimuli. In this case, the stimuli of Israeli policy. Israel acts and these people – these curious, blameless people – respond in a Pavlovian fashion. That’s what they’re saying.

It’s a bigoted lie. At every stage of their barbarous assault on Israeli civilians, the Hamas terrorists were making a choice. They chose to plan the attack. They chose to load their guns. They chose to fire them at elderly people waiting for a bus and twentysomethings dancing at a festival. They chose to kidnap grandmothers. They chose to parade distressed or dead women before the mob. And at every stage they could have chosen not to do those things. In claiming Israel is wholly responsible for what Hamas did, the racial paternalists of the supposedly pro-Palestine woke left dehumanise Arabs to a staggering degree. They make Israel the only adult in the Middle East, the only entity with agency, the only nation mature enough to enjoy criminal responsibility, while its attackers are reduced to the naïfs of world affairs.

This is racist. There is no other word for it. We are witnessing the rise of a neo-Orientalism. The great Palestinian writer Edward Said described Orientalism as a Eurocentric prejudice against Arab peoples that tended to view them as deviant and lascivious. It was a mix of curiosity and contempt for the Arab world, he said. Under the neo-Orientalism of today’s army of upper-middle-class Palestine pitiers, Arabs are innocents, not deviants; blameless, not cruel. Of course it is racist to depict all Arabs as evil – but it is equally racist to depict them as being incapable of evil. To imply that they lack the free will to choose between good and bad that is enjoyed by us white Westerners, and also by the Jews of Israel. The woke elites might be enemies of Israel, but with their ironically imperious absolution of Palestinians of the burdens of agency and adulthood, they’re no friends of Palestine.

Some are referring to the attack on Israel as ‘Israel’s 9/11’. In fact it’s another 9/11 for us all. It’s a turning-point event for humankind. As with the apocalyptic barbarism visited on the United States on 11 September 2001, it raises the question: are we going to stand against the regressive forces of anti-Westernism, anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism, all of which are varieties of anti-humanism, or are we not? America was likewise held responsible for its suffering in September 2001. ‘They can’t see why they are hated’, said a nauseating headline in the Guardian two days after that slaughter of 3,000 people. Many failed the moral test 9/11 presented us with. They turned against America, turned against Western values, said we had it coming, cosied up to radical Islam, disappeared down the rabbit hole of identity politics. Let’s not allow that to happen again.

Biden vows assistance to Israel, warns others not become involved in fighting
President Joe Biden delivers a strong statement of solidarity with Israel and outlining continued support for its war against Hamas, while warning outside actors not to join in the fighting.

Mark Dubowitz: Biden's pathetic weakness invited this savage Hamas slaughter. But it's the hidden hand of Iran that's truly set the Middle East ablaze - and will trigger all-out war
The primary reason was to derail a developing peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel that has been in negotiations for months and pushed by the Biden administration.

The agreement was an existential threat to Khamenei's vision of a 'Shiite crescent' - an unbroken chain of Islamist theocracies stretching from Beirut to the Persian Gulf - all committed to the Iranian Islamic Revolution.

Standing in his way is the sole democracy in the region and the Arab nations that have increasingly found common cause with the Jewish state.

Iran's Sunni enemy, Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman has offered an alternative to Khamenei's extreme vision by building on the successful model of the Abraham Accords, negotiated under the Trump Administration, which normalized relations between Israel, the United Emirates and Bahrain.

To Khamenei, this is an existential threat that he needed to kill before it devoured him and his twisted dream.

However, Khamenei had another rationale to unleash Hamas: his belief that America is weak, or as his predecessor Supreme leader Ruhollah Khomeini once said: 'America can't do a damn thing against us.'

The Biden administration fed this confidence.

President Biden promised during the 2020 election campaign to abandon the Trump administration's maximum pressure campaign of crippling sanctions and international condemnation on Iran.

Then, as president, Biden persuaded Tehran to join talks to return to a nuclear weapons agreement that Trump abandoned in 2018.

In response, Iran dramatically escalated its illicit nuke program. And stunningly, the administration did little to deter it.

The Biden White House actually stopped enforcing sanctions leading to a sharp spike in Chinese oil purchases resulting in the flow of tens of billions of dollars into regime coffers.

More recently, the Biden team unfroze an additional $16 billion in sanctioned oil revenues, $10 billion from Iraq and $6 billion from South Korea, in exchange for Iran's release of five imprisoned Americans.

And finally, after the calamitous U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden's unwillingness to use meaningful military force in response to recent Iranian-backed attacks on American troops, and divisions within the Republican Party over military support for Ukraine, Khamenei believes America is a paper tiger.
CAIR, partner on White House antisemitism strategy, blames Israel for Hamas attacks
When the Biden administration released its national strategy on countering antisemitism in May, a fact sheet noted that the Council on American-Islamic Relations was one of the entities advising the White House.

CAIR has a long documented history of antisemitism, and the White House’s decision to include it in the national strategy on Jew-hatred was like recruiting “male chauvinists for the next women’s rights initiative,” or inviting “some butchers to National Vegetarian Day,” McGill University history professor Gil Troy told JNS at the time.

Deborah Lipstadt, U.S. special envoy to monitor and combat antisemitism, told The Jerusalem Post in June that CAIR was rightfully included in the strategy on antisemitism despite its “problematic” past.

“One can also step back and say, OK, we’re going to judge you by what to say going forward,” she said at the time. “We’re going to evaluate what you do henceforth.”

Several months later, CAIR and other members of the United States Council of Muslim Organizations, which bills itself as the “largest American Muslim civil-society umbrella organization,” released a statement blaming Israel for Hamas’s barbaric attacks.

“The recent unprovoked and continuous attacks by Israel on Palestinian towns, cities and refugee camps have resulted in tragic loss of Palestinian lives,” the umbrella group stated, with no mention of Israelis murdered, raped, wounded and taken hostage.
Biden Admin Gave $100K to Gaza University That Praised the ‘Righteous Martyrs’ Who Attacked Israel
The Biden administration last month awarded $100,000 in taxpayer funds to a Gaza university that over the weekend praised the Hamas terrorists who invaded Israel as "righteous martyrs."

The State Department on Sept. 29 awarded the grant to Al-Quds Open University to promote "community service" and "action planning" among youth in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, according to records obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. Al-Quds on Saturday announced a temporary closure to mark a "day of commitment to the comprehensive strike" against Israel.

"Glory and eternity to our righteous martyrs," the school said on social media in the wake of a Hamas attack that has killed more than 900 Israelis and at least nine Americans over the weekend. The terrorist group has announced it will execute hostages taken in the invasion if Israel retaliates.

The administration’s ties to Al-Quds Open University and other organizations in the region are certain to face Republican scrutiny in the wake of the Hamas onslaught, the worst domestic attack in Israel’s history. Republican lawmakers have criticized the Biden administration for lifting a hold on $6 billion in funds for Iran, a major funder of Hamas.

The State Department last month launched a joint doctoral program for computer science students from Al-Quds Open University and Georgia State University. The State Department’s Office of Palestinian Affairs, which oversees the program, touted it as "central to the long-term prosperity of Palestinian society." That office sparked outrage after this weekend’s attack for calling on "all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks." The office deleted the tweet after outcry from Republican and Israel’s defenders.

MEMRI: The War After The Hamas War
Wars have a way of beginning as one thing and ending as another. The American Civil War began to preserve the Union and ended in eliminating slavery. The First World War began over Serbia and ended as the "War To End All Wars." The Second World War began as Poland's allies in France and Britain being compelled to respond to a Nazi invasion. It ended with the United Nations and a new world order.

Whatever the war begun by Hamas against Israel on October 7, 2023 was, it does not mean it will end that way. The brutal initial blow, meticulously planned to be sure, was a massive "success" for Hamas in terms of the sheer slaughter of Israelis and the damage inflicted on Israel in such a short time span. The last time so many Jews died in one day would go back to 1945.

So, if the war was to end today, it would be a stunning, unprecedented victory for the Palestinian terrorist group and its patrons in Iran, Turkey, and Qatar. But war did not end on September 12, 2001, or December 8, 1941. If it ended now, there would be no need whatsoever for Hezbollah or Iran to intervene directly or to do more than what they have already accomplished. The deed was done and the gains secured. The consequences of such a scenario would be massive.

The question is not so much what happens immediately but what happens later. As Israel responds and retaliates to this deadly operation, the murmurs will eventually start in the West: Israel is too harsh, this is not proportionate, enough is enough, think of the children, etc. What seemed like rock-solid support will weaken. This narrative will sound jarring to some having seen the Biden Administration assure Ukraine that it will support it as long as needed against a massive nuclear power in Russia. The same West that was silent for nine months as Armenian Christians in Karabakh were starved by Azerbaijan have already begun to complain about Israel cutting off electricity, food, and fuel to Hamas-ruled Gaza. Initial solidarity with Israel is strong but sooner or later pressure will be exerted on Israel to stop its retaliation. Hamas and the Palestinians have a much larger and more influential crowd of sympathizers than those forlorn Karabakh Armenians.

But while the steps and reactions in the West are very predictable, what happens in the East is less so. Iran has achieved a great initial victory through one of its (several) proxies but how valuable is it to preserve the viability of that proxy? While all of Iran's public narrative in the region and against Israel is tied up with the Cause of Palestine and the "Axis of Resistance," how valuable will it be to preserve the Hamas Card from destruction? Of course, proxies are, by their very nature, disposable but Iran and, to a lesser extent, Turkey and Qatar, have invested a lot in the Hamas project.

If – God forbid – Israel does poorly in the upcoming campaign against Hamas, if it is somehow stymied by stiff Hamas resistance in densely populated urban Gaza or if it is immobilized by a lengthy hostage crisis, then Hezbollah and Iran will do nothing because the victory has been assured and the damage is done. The prestige or awe of the state of Israel, what Arabs call Haybat Al-Dawlah, will have been fatally punctured.

The more successful the Israeli operation against Hamas, the more complete it seems to be to the outside world, the greater the possibility of Hamas rule coming to an end, the more likely the chance that Iran and Hezbollah will escalate. Such an escalation will, at least initially, not involve Iran directly at all but would be led by Iran's surrogates in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and even Yemen. Of course, this will all be directed by Iran but an effort will be made to try to keep the parameters of the conflict limited to between Israel and Iran's many cutouts.
Hamas Consigns the Pax Americana to History Books
It is hard to find a major region untouched by the current disorder, which reveals four realities of the contemporary world.

First, the Pax Americana of the post-Cold War period is over. For a generation after 1991, the world saw historically low levels of geopolitical and ideological competition, mostly because Washington and its allies had such decisive advantages.

That’s changing as revisionist actors — principally China, Russia and Iran — try to throw back American power and create their own spheres of influence. The resurgence of autocratic great powers, in turn, is intensifying pressures on global democracy. We’re back to world politics as usual — and world politics is usually an ugly, violent affair.

Second, connections between revisionist actors are stronger than at any time in decades. It’s probably wrong to suggest that Russia, which enjoys decent ties with Israel, had a hand in this weekend’s events. It’s correct, though, that the war in Ukraine has fostered deeper, mutually reinforcing defense partnerships between Russia and its autocratic brethren in Iran, North Korea and China. Solidarity between these challengers amplifies the threats they collectively pose.

Third, different types of crises — geopolitical and transnational, traditional and non-traditional — are increasingly blending together. It is fashionable to say that great-power rivalry is in, and terrorism and other post-Cold War challenges are out. But as we’re seeing right now, terrorist groups remain lethally potent, in part because geopolitical actors such as Iran cultivate them as tools of pressure against their enemies. Meanwhile, military aggression in Ukraine, or internal upheaval in areas from South America to North Africa, fuels migration flows that roil countries around the globe.

Fourth, we’re getting a real-time education in the fragility of progress. The brutalization, kidnapping and execution of Israeli civilians shows how quickly basic moral norms collapse when peace and security break down. A fundamental pillar of the global order, the impermissibility of changing borders by force, is being tested every day in Ukraine.

The news isn’t all bad, thankfully: Intensifying threats to the international system are producing expanding patterns of cooperation among its defenders. Anti-China coalitions are multiplying in the Indo-Pacific. NATO is enlarging and strengthening itself in response to the war in Ukraine. Iran’s enemies have been drawing closer together: Hamas may have intended this assault to disrupt the normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The international order is under more stress, in more places, than at any time since the chaotic aftermath of World War II. The work of preventing its collapse will be multilateral, and it is just beginning.
Alan Johnson: ‘Progressives’ and the Hamas Pogrom: An A-Z Guide
Faced with the Hamas pogrom how did ostensible progressives in the West respond? In many cases, by cheering it on as… ‘resistance’. Going from bad to worse, the pogrom was met with rationalisations, lawyerly defences, outright support, exultation and, all over the world, rallies in defence of… the pogromists. Those who say that Jews in the West live among pogromists-in-waiting and pogrom-apologists-in-waiting will feel vindicated. Here is an A to Z guide to some responses.

A is for Tariq Ali. ‘Do the Palestinians have a right to resist the non-stop aggression to which they are subjected? Absolutely. There is no moral, political or military equivalence as far as the two sides are concerned. Israel is a nuclear state, armed to the teeth by the US. Its existence is not under threat. It’s the Palestinians, their lands, their lives, that are. Western civilization seems willing to stand by while they are exterminated. They, on the other hand, are rising up against the colonizers.’ And for Gilbert Achcar of International Viewpoint, who wrote ‘Gaza’s latest counter-offensive brings indeed to mind the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising’, equating anti-Nazi Jewish resistance to the Third Reich in 1943 to an Islamist slaughter of Jewish civilians in 2023.

B is for Rivkah Brown, commissioning editor & reporter, Novara Media: ‘Today should be a day of celebration for supporters of democracy and human rights worldwide, as Gazans break out of their open-air prison and Hamas fighters cross into their colonisers’ territory. The struggle for freedom is rarely bloodless and we shouldn’t apologise for it. And for Fatima Barkatulla, London-based legal scholar, trained at SOAS and Kings College London, awarded the prestigious Aziz Foundation scholarship, who tweeted, in response to the massacre of over 250 Israeli civilians in the desert, ‘How about don’t have musical festivals on stolen land?’

C is for Counterfire: ‘Palestinian fighters launched a significant “break out” attack on Israel. Thousands of rockets were launched against Israel and Palestinian fedayeen broke out of Gaza and entered the Israeli settlements of Ashkelon and Sderot … we need to organise now for demonstrations in support and solidarity with the Palestinians communities of Gaza and the West Bank’. And for the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE): ‘Palestine is Rising. Long live the Resistance’.

D is for the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). The political party’s New York City chapter on Saturday announced its ‘All Out for Palestine’ demonstration as rockets rained down on Israel and civilians were being butchered. ‘DSA is steadfast in expressing our solidarity with Palestine.’ The chapter said its supporters were taking to the streets ‘in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their right to resist 75 years of occupation and apartheid.’ Other groups who organised the Times Square protest include the Palestinian Youth Movement, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, New York 4 Palestine, Al-Awda NY, and the Palestinian Assembly for Liberation. Another group behind the protest, called The People’s Forum, tweeted a photo of its doors covered in fliers that said, “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free.”’ And for the Dublin People Before Profit candidate who tweeted ‘Palestinian resistance is beautiful, it’s inspiring and it’s legitimate. Palestine will be freed.’

After brief condolences, UN head chides Jewish state, notes ‘legitimate’ Palestinian grievances
In January, Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, said during an International Holocaust Remembrance Day event that the international body was “founded upon the ashes of the Holocaust. It was established to ensure such darkness would never be felt by humanity again,” but “when it comes to fighting antisemitism, sadly, the U.N. ignores its purpose.”

António Guterres, the United Nations secretary-general, was present at the time, and the U.N. point man on antisemitism, Miguel Moratinos, later told JNS that “Israel and the Jewish people are integrated in the essence, in the soul of the U.N. … I have to tell you, the U.N. is not antisemitic.”

In his remarks on Monday, two days after Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel—which Israeli President Isaac Herzog called the bloodiest day for Jews since the Holocaust—Guterres encapsulated the essence of the United Nations’ response to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The secretary-general spent some 75 seconds condemning Hamas and calling on the terror group to release all of its hostages, even as he recognized “the legitimate grievances of the Palestinian people.”

The rest of his five-minute remarks—after which he took no questions—castigated Israel for retaliatory strikes in its operation to decimate Hamas. The latter has led to hits on U.N. facilities, a residential tower and a mosque—all locations that Hamas has used as militant hiding grounds, operation centers and weapons depots.

Guterres also chided Israel for its announced siege of Gaza, preventing the entry of electricity, food and fuel from Israel.
Jonathan Tobin: As Israel bleeds, American Jewry stands at a crossroads
As dismal as the situation appears and as much as the demographic implosion of non-Orthodox Jewry bodes ill for the pro-Israel community, there is still some hope.

Since the Hamas atrocities, some of the legacy groups that had lost their way to the point of being reflexively critical of Israel seemed to have remembered that standing with the Jewish state is their job. Though many of them have acted as if Jew-hatred is only to be found on the political right, the vile attitudes of Hamas and its leftist Western apologists have forced them to confront the factor that is really driving modern antisemitism.

Even ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt has been outraged by the way liberal media outlets, like MSNBC, which he says he “loves,” is committed to moral equivalence between Israelis and the terrorists who are massacring them. The same can be said of American Jewish Committee CEO Ted Deutsch.

It’s encouraging to hear liberal Jewish leaders find their voices in this manner. But having squandered their political capital on non-Jewish liberal causes, it’s far from clear they are still capable of rallying American Jewry to face the challenge of the coming days.

As with President Joe Biden, the test of American Jewry is not so much whether they have something to say in support of Jewish victims, but whether they are willing to stand with Israel once a ground invasion of Gaza begins. At that point, they will have to decide whether they are prepared to pressure their Democratic Party allies in the White House to stand with an Israeli campaign whose necessary goal will be to defeat Hamas and evict it from the Gaza Strip as the terrorists employ human shields—both Jewish hostages and Palestinian civilians—they will employ to save themselves.

Will they support measures to end all aid to the Palestinians resumed by the Biden administration after Trump’s cuts?

Will they demand that the United States rescind its ransom payments to Hamas’s Iran co-conspirator and end the quest to appease Tehran?

Will they support not just U.S. resupply of arms to Israel but oppose any efforts to pressure Israel to stop short of victory, as well as make concessions to achieve a mythical two-state solution the Palestinians have repeated rejected rather than force them to pay a price for terrorism—a central theme of “liberal Zionist” activism in the last generation?

Will they unite in support of a traditional fundraising campaign to which a broad cross-section of American Jewry will commit to the rebuilding of the communities devastated by the terrorist attacks, help for the bereaved families and the building of a stronger defense infrastructure?

If not, all the sound bites and social-media posts expressing their solidarity with Israel will be meaningless.

We know the crowds at this week’s pro-Israel rallies will be smaller than those in the past, but they will still be filled with those who care about the Jewish state, and who want to answer the demonization of Jews and the antisemitism that drives those supporting the terrorists. The test they will face in the days to come is one that their leaders and organizations are ill-prepared to meet after so many years of neglecting their pro-Israel brief. Still, there is still an opportunity for a generation of failed Jewish leaders and ordinary Jews to step up and follow in the footsteps of those who rallied for Israel and Soviet Jewry. The beleaguered people of Israel and history will judge them harshly if they fail.
‘You don’t know yet, do you?’ How Jews offline for a 2-day holiday found out about the attack on Israel
When Rabbi James Proops arrived at his Modern Orthodox synagogue in Livingston, New Jersey, on Saturday morning, he found three people waiting to meet him: two members of the security committee and a non-Jewish guard.

“As I approached, they looked at me … you know, I could see there was something wrong with the look,” Proops recalled on Monday. “And they said, ‘Rabbi, You don’t know yet, do you?’ And I said, ‘Don’t know what?’”

That was how Proops learned about the horrors unfolding in Israel — an attack by Hamas that would leave more than 900 Israelis dead, wounded and taken captive in brutal fashion.

It would fall to him to pass the grim news along: Because Proops’ synagogue, Suburban Torah, is Orthodox, most congregants refrain from using electronic devices on Shabbat or on the following day, which was the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah. That meant, he said, “The vast majority of people that were coming to synagogue came that morning [had] no clue what was going on.”

Proops chose the moment in the service when Jewish communities recite a prayer for those in need of healing to share that, in fact, many Jews were hurt. He offered numbers that were staggering — yet far smaller than what would become known.

“The whole sanctuary was in absolute silence as I began to relay what was going on in Israel,” he said. “And I could see in the faces, just shock and bewilderment.”

It was a scene that would unfold countless times over the weekend. There was no question about how Israelis who observe Shabbat and holidays found out about the attack on their country on Saturday morning, as sirens announced incoming rockets, phone alerts sounded and soldiers were called to duty. They got more details on Saturday night when the Simchat Torah and Shemini Atzeret holiday ended in Israel and they turned their phones back on.

But in the rest of the world, where the two holidays are celebrated over consecutive days, the process of finding out was slower and more drawn out. Orthodox Jews often found themselves relying on non-Jews to feed them details about the catastrophe unfolding in the country where they have many friends and family.
This Is What ‘Decolonization’ Looks Like
On Saturday, as the raping and murdering and kidnapping were happening in Israel, Najma Sharif, a writer for Soho House magazine and Teen Vogue, posted on X: “What did y’all think decolonization meant? vibes? papers? essays? losers.”

So far, Sharif’s post has been liked 100,000 times and reposted nearly 23,000 times—by, among others, The Washington Post’s global opinions editor, Karen Attiah.

The point was: Don’t be squeamish. Never mind the Jewish girl being pulled by her hair with blood streaming between her legs. Never mind the women being raped beside the corpses of their friends at a music festival. Never mind the children and babies snatched from their parents.

If you can’t handle it, if you condemn it without a preamble or equivocation, you’re an apologist for the Zionist colonizers.

All this is a good reminder that when people say something, they often mean it, and we should believe them, or at least take them seriously. Fancy-sounding academic jargon is not a curious intellectual exercise. Words make worlds.

Here is how Quillette editor Claire Lehmann put it on X, formerly Twitter: “For the past decade I’ve been told that jokes, words & scholarly debates need to be suppressed because they may cause ‘harm’ to vulnerable minorities. Yet when a global minority is butchered, tortured & maimed, those who suppress words shrug as if war crimes are no big deal.”

Real decolonization is a physical process. It is about removing bodies from a place.

The meaning of Sharif’s post—a very tidy, very millennial encapsulation of the old Bolshevik spirit—is: the ends shall justify the means, and if that bothers you, well, you’ve probably been infected by some bourgeois, liberal fungus.

Nor was she alone.
The Savage Nihilism of ‘Free Palestine’
“Free Palestine”—the slogan, the fantasy, and the policy—has always consciously implied the mass murder of Jews in their towns, streets, shops, and living rooms. Few are willing to say so openly, but in many intellectual, professional, and popular circles in the Middle East and the West, the idea of Palestinian national liberation has long been framed in terms that condone or necessitate the indiscriminate killing of Jews. For more unambiguous actors such as Hamas and the Islamic Republic of Iran, freeing Palestine simply means the total eradication of Israel without qualification. This is not a polemical point, but a basic reality and fact of our lives that demands scrutiny.

Consider the ideological milieu in which many Arabs and Muslims have been raised, including me. Growing up as a Muslim in Egypt, the concept of Palestine was never a geopolitical issue; it was a deeply ingrained part of our collective moral identity, the unifying element of both our religious and secular Arab nationalism. It was, and remains, a cause that resonated with us politically, socially, and spiritually, often approaching a fervor that defies rationality. This emotional charge, embedded in the political and religious narratives of much of the Arab Muslim world, has made rubbish of the idea that the Palestinian cause is merely based on anti-Zionism rather than antisemitism.

This milieu, however, is not in any way essential to what it means to be Arab or Muslim—it is a thoroughly modern phenomenon shaped largely by the influence of European revolutionary ideologies on Arab intellectuals and political activists. Among these imported systems of thought is a strain of revolutionary antisemitism that casts Jews as the eternal enemy not just of Arabs but of all human beings. Not every Arab or Muslim subscribes to these views, of course, but when fused with preexisting religious and cultural biases, they have infected almost every institution, pattern of thought, and aspect of life in the Arab Muslim world. Modern Arab political and religious literature is filled with the claim that Jews are hostis humani generis, the enemies of mankind—a classical European libel, and a French revolutionary cry.

The problems of this poisonous strain of thought are compounded by the concept that “freeing Palestine” is a species of resistance against foreign settler colonialists, a Fanonian revolution in which violence against civilians is defended as a legitimate means of achieving racial justice. The wholesale labeling of Israeli Jews—the vast majority of whom are refugees or descendants of refugees from Arab Muslim dictatorships and Soviet totalitarianism—as colonizers, settlers, and imperialists is in fact a type of collective ethnic punishment, nonsensical even on its own twisted terms, which recalls the medieval Christian denunciation of Jews as moral abominations, as a group and as individuals. You might have noticed in the last few days that those committed to liberating Palestine can’t seem to avoid the abject dehumanization of the Jews as a people—and that their aim is not for Palestinians to simply live in peace, dignity, and freedom alongside Israelis, but a state that is necessarily established upon the ruins of Israel. Hamas is explicit in its intention to murder the Jewish population of Israel and enslave any survivors; its partisans in the Middle East and the West are coyer on this point.
MARSCHALL: It’s not hyperbole, it’s real. Your professors and classmates hate Jews.
Hamas terrorists rape Jewish women next to civilian carcasses, lock Jewish children in cages, and threaten to behead Jewish Holocaust survivors, and yet far-left academics and students do not care.

Reactions in the United States to Saturday’s horror in Israel reveal the left’s moral failing to come to grips with the extent and depth of anti-Semtisim in American higher education. Professors and students alike are celebrating the carnage as the moment Hamas finally puts resistance and decolonization into practice. Leftists’ rabid hatred for Israel is the veil that masks their underlying contempt for Jews, and liberal scholars and administrators have turned a blind eye to the vitriol.

As Israel prepares to wipe Hamas off the earth, American liberals watching news coverage need to realize that they have been dangerously naïve about their far-left flank. This lesson cannot come soon enough for liberals running academic institutions, because in their moral negligence, they have let college campuses become breeding grounds for unrepentant Jew hatred.

News reports show captured women’s dead bodies and detail Hamas burning an elderly woman alive. These are premeditated crimes Hamas committed as part of its operation “al-Aqsa Flood,” which it planned with Iran’s assistance. But condemnation against this brutality is too much to ask of anti-Semites.

On Saturday, the Palestine Solidarity Alliance at CUNY Hunter College posted on Instagram, “We demand ALL educational institutions and organizations to stand up against the occupation and actively support the Al-Aqsa Flood initiative.”

Also this weekend, Boston University’s Students for Justice in Palestine chapter posted that “victory is ours” and the student group CUNY4Palestine posted “From the river to the sea, Palestine WILL be free!” on X above pictures of New York City protests, which included at least one person waving a swastika.

Photos allegedly taken at Stanford University this weekend show bedsheet banners flown from university buildings, including the Charles B. Thornton Center for Engineering Management, reading “The Israeli occupation is NOTHING BUT AN ILLUSION OF DUST,” and “The illusion of Israel IS BURNING,” alongside the Palestinian flag.

Campus liberals are culpable in these reactions because they have never taken the leftist activists as a serious threat against Jews, whether on or off campus. Instead, they have enabled the rise of anti-Semitism because they have accepted its lurking specter in decolonization research, conferences, and lectures as a polite byproduct of academic freedom.

That fundamental mistake explains why former Harvard University President Lawrence Summers’ is currently in disbelief at the anti-Semitism pervading his old college.

As activists continued to champion the destruction and desecration of Jewish bodies, statements from Palestinian solidarity committees poured online from Columbia University, Northwestern University, and Harvard University, all victim-blaming Israelis for being raped, taken hostage, or murdered.

Signed by over 30 student organizations at the Ivy League school, the Joint Statement led by Harvard’s Palestine Solidarity Committee states that “The apartheid regime is the only one to blame” for Saturday’s horrific acts.

“In nearly 50 years of @Harvard affiliation, I have never been as disillusioned and alienated as I am today,” Summers, who was Director of the National Economic Council under President Obama, posted on X Monday afternoon.
DERANGED: Liberals Scramble To Blame Trump for Hamas Atrocities
What happened next: While some American liberals celebrated the anti-Semitic atrocities by partying in the streets of Manhattan, others scrambled to deflect attention from their terrorist allies by insisting (without evidence) that Donald Trump was to blame.

• Thomas Hartmann, a liberal radio host who worked for the Russian propaganda network RT, wrote that Hamas "probably" learned how to evade Israel's Iron Dome defenses from Iran, which "almost certainly" learned it from Russia, and it "sure looks like" Russia received the information directly from Trump.

Crucial context: This is bulls—t. Hartmann was referring to a Washington Post report about Trump allegedly sharing classified information with Russian officials during a meeting at the White House in 2017. The intelligence information was reportedly provided by Israel and involved a plot by the Islamic State terrorist group.

What they're saying: Hartmann was hardly the only deranged lib to peddle this baseless accusation. Trump's niece, liberal activist Mary Trump, said her uncle "likely" divulged Israeli "national security secrets" to Russian president Vladimir Putin, who ultimately passed it to Hamas to facilitate the attack.

• Hollywood lib Rob Reiner mused: "Does anyone one think that Trump showing Classified Israeli Intelligence to [Russian foreign minister Sergey] Lavrov in the Oval Office played any part in the Intelligence failure that led to the horrors were now witnessing?"

• Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin implied there was a link between the Hamas attack and reports that Trump possessed a classified document regarding U.S. plans for an attack on Iran, the terror group's chief sponsor. "Think of the treachery and the danger," she wrote.

• Social media user @cooltxchick, a.k.a. "Mike Pence's Other Mother," a self-described "Resister," "Traitor Hater," and "Sexual Anarchist," wondered if Trump could be sued by Israeli victims for enabling the Hamas attack, or be prosecuted for war crimes at The Hague.

• Mikel Jollett, a liberal activist and crappy indie band frontman, insisted that Hamas used information provided by Trump to launch the attack on Israel. "The Republican Party has blood on its hands," he wrote. "Trump enabled Hamas."

Bottom line: Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. The #Resistance will rot your brain.
Columbia Law School Dean Gives Both Sides Treatment to Hamas's Terrorist Rampage in Israel
The dean of Columbia Law School, Gillian Lester, released a statement on Monday whitewashing the worst terrorist attack in Israeli history, lamenting the "violence that erupted in Israel and Gaza" without making any reference to the massacre that started it.

The statement did not mention Hamas's role in the attack, which left over 900 Israelis dead, or note that the Iranian-backed group had targeted civilians, some of whom were gang-raped.

"The violence that erupted in Israel and Gaza this past weekend is nothing short of tragic," Lester wrote in an email to students. "I know many in our community have been affected, both directly and indirectly, by the sudden escalation of conflict and the fear and uncertainty that have followed as the situation on the ground continues to evolve."

Lester's statement—which made no mention of anti-Semitism or the Jewish people—was much less aggressive than the one she made in March after a swastika was found in a law school bathroom. That "antisemitic symbol," she wrote at the time, is "starkly antithetical to our core values."

Jewish students say the contrast between the two statements is disturbing.

"It reflects an inability to fully support the Jewish people when it's hard," said Zach Becker, the president of Columbia's Jewish Law Students Association. Lester's Monday message, another student said, "suggests that she feels more upset by a swastika in the law school than the massacre of nearly 1,000 (or more) Jews."

Harvard administration slammed by lawmakers, alums for response to pro-Hamas student letter
One day after 31 student organizations at Harvard University published a letter on social media claiming Israel is “entirely responsible” for Hamas terrorists’ murder of 900 Israelis, Jewish student leaders and alumni condemned the university’s handling of the incident and called for a stronger response from Harvard’s administration.

Harvard President Claudine Gay and other university leaders said in a Monday night statement that the school is “heartbroken by the death and destruction unleashed by the attack by Hamas.” But Jacob Miller, the president of the student board at Harvard Hillel and a former editorial fellow at Jewish Insider, called Harvard’s response a “weak statement [that] fails to capture the gravity of the moment.” He called for the university to “unequivocally condemn these terror attacks, a step they have been unwilling to take thus far.”

“It’s completely wrong to blame Israel for these types of attacks,” Miller told JI on Monday afternoon. “Clearly Israel is not responsible for attacks against its own civilians and it’s also deeply offensive to the Jewish community. I would say it’s antisemitic to blame Israel.”

Two letters from Harvard students and alumni directly call on the university’s leadership to condemn the anti-Israel statement released by the student organizations, who called themselves the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Groups (PSG).

One, organized by Harvard Hillel and Harvard Chabad, was signed by more than 2,000 people as of Monday night. “The statement signed by the Palestine Solidarity Committee and dozens of other student groups blaming Israel for the aforementioned attacks is completely wrong and deeply offensive,” the letter states. “There are no justifications for acts of terror as we have seen in the past days. We call on all the student groups who co-signed the statement to retract their signatures from the offensive letter.”

Signatories include former NBC Universal President Noah Oppenheim, businessman and philanthropist George Rohr, former Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, former U.S. solicitor general Seth Waxman, Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY), Hadar President Ethan Tucker and novelists Dara Horn and Allegra Goodman.

CBC News Gives Unfettered Platform To Protester Denying Israel’s Right To Exist

CTV News Edmonton And Montreal’s News Reports Blame Israel For Hamas’ Murderous Rampage


MSNBC’s Reid: Israel Was ‘Provoking Hamas’ — GOP Shouldn’t Blame Biden for Attack

The real problem is Elon letting people see what Hamas videotaped themselves doing
The same media that Greenblatt so recently embraced, so willingly was a part of until Saturday morning’s violent reality check slap-in-the-face – in point of fact, at that very network – is here to tell us all what the real danger is.

What the worst of the worst, what the most offensive and abhorrent aspect of this whole situation is turning out to be.

That Elon Musk’s “X” is allowing Hamas to unmask themselves in public for the first time.
X, formerly Twitter, amplifies disinformation amid the Israel-Hamas conflict

From the outset of this weekend’s Israel-Hamas conflict, graphic footage of abductions and military operations have spread like wildfire on social media platforms, including X, formerly known as Twitter. But disinformation on the platform has made it harder for users to assess what’s going on in the region.

…Users have noticed the impact of the changes to X’s content moderation, and some have fallen prey to sharing disinformation on the platform.

“It’s remarkable how Elon Musk has destroyed what was perhaps the best thing about Twitter: the ability to get relatively accurate and trustworthy data in real time when there’s a crisis,” Paul Bernal, an IT law professor at the University of East Anglia in England, wrote on X on Monday.

..Some Hamas-created propaganda videos have also been circulating on X. While the terrorist organization is banned from most social media platforms, including X, it continues to share videos on Telegram. Those videos — including some from the most recent assault on Israel — are often reshared onto X, Goldenberg told CNBC. And that can have real-world effects.

“As we’ve seen in the past, especially in May of 2021, for example, when tensions rise in the region, there’s a high possibility of a rise in hate crimes targeting the Jewish community outside of the region,” Goldenberg said.

Oh, yeah- they get the fellow who worries about Jewish folks to burble a few cautionary words, but they make sure to whine about Hamas videos “including some from…the most recent assault” being seen.

They should be hidden from view at all times, and why?

Because Hamas made them in real time.

Hamas operatives made the videos of the wholesale, wanton slaughter. Hamas made and distributed the videos of kidnapped babies in cages, of dragging screaming women off, stripping and defiling a girl’s corpse in a truck before trawling it through the streets. Hamas made the videos abusing a young boy and laughing, of terrorizing a captured geriatric, crippled, reported Holocaust survivor.

Yeah. God FORBID we see these MONSTERS for who they actually are and in their own words as they gleefully execute their own atrocities on a massive scale.

NBC, MSNBC and their ilk have no problem showing us Israel and every last one of their supposed warts.

Why is that?

Could the “truth” be different?

And how would we know if they are the arbiters of what is approved information.
Left media accused of ‘complete silence’ amid Hamas-Israel conflict
PragerU writer Alexis Wilkins has accused the left media for keeping silent amid the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel.

“Usually you see the right getting accused of being bigoted or being insensitive for all these accusations,” Ms Wilkins told Sky News host Rita Panahi.

Ms Wilkins said we’re seeing “complete silence” from the left with the Democratic Socialists posting nothing in regard to this Hamas-Israel conflict.

“No response there in any capacity,” Ms Wilkins said.

“I see it as a complete failure of commenting.”

Israel Didn't See a Hamas Strike Coming. The U.S. Could Be Next, McCarthy Warns

Canada’s Largest Union: ‘Palestine is Rising, Long Live the Resistance’

'Fraudulent': Whitmer Faces Call To Resign After Omitting 'Israel' From Statement On Hamas Terrorism

MEMRI: Hamas Declares Friday, October 13, As General Mobilization Day For 'Al-Aqsa Flood Operation,' Urges West Bank, Jerusalem Palestinians To Join Massive Rallies And Confront Israeli Soldiers
On October 10, 2023, Hamas issued a statement[1] designating the upcoming Friday, October 13, 2023, as a day of general mobilization for the "Al-Aqsa Flood" operations. In the statement, it urged Palestinians in the West Bank and within Israel to participate in large-scale rallies and confront Israeli soldiers at every opportunity.

Extending its call to Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, and advocates of freedom worldwide, Hamas exhorted them to dedicate this coming Friday as a day of unwavering support, to "expose the occupation and earn the honor of taking part in defending Al-Aqsa Mosque."

Addressing Palestinians residing within Israel, it implored them to participate in guarding duties (Ribat) within Al-Aqsa Mosque "to safeguard it, its Islamic heritage, and its divine message, and to prevent the settler gangs from desecrating it, and to thwart the fascist occupation's plans aimed at dividing and Judaizing it, and building its alleged temple... and to unite with the sons of your people in Gaza and the West Bank."

Additionally, the statement called upon Arabs, Muslims, and Palestinians in refugee camps worldwide to converge in massive gatherings near the borders of Palestine, showcasing their unwavering solidarity with Palestine, Jerusalem, and Al-Aqsa. Those living farther away from Jerusalem were urged to assemble at the nearest point leading to the city.
PMW: Fatah: "Land more blows on the enemy” who is “weaker than cobwebs”
There are terrorists and there are terror multipliers. Hamas committed the atrocities of torturing, murdering, decapitating, raping, and kidnapping Israelis. But it is the PA and Fatah who by joining with full-fledged support have galvanized the Palestinian population behind the ISIS-like atrocities. Palestinian Media Watch has documented that the PA and Fatah are actively celebrating the atrocities, urging Palestinians in the West Bank and inside Israel to join the terror, and to “strike the sons of apes and pigs” and “slaughter everyone Israeli.”

Fatah and the PA are now calling for the end of Israel, urging Palestinians to “land more blows” on Israel – “the main enemy.” Hamas’ massacre of civilians has prompted them to present Israel as weak “as a cobweb.” These were the words of a Fatah official at a rally in support of the Hamas terror war against Israel near Nablus:
Fatah Tubas Branch Secretary Mahmoud Sawafta: “We support all those who have taught the occupation (i.e., Israel) one lesson after another, and it is clear that this occupation did not understand this [Palestinian] people well. In these moments we say to it that 27 occupations have come to this area and all the occupations were defeated. We are certain that this occupation – as you saw last night and everyday - this occupation is weaker than cobwebs and in the end it will be defeated. Therefore, crowd the ranks more, unite more, and land more blows on this occupation, because this occupation is the main enemy.”

[Official PA TV, Oct. 8, 2023]

The PA term “the occupation,” refers to all of Israel and not merely the West Bank. This statement echoes a Fatah member who also mocked Israel, gloating that its “undefeatable army is weaker than cobwebs.”

PMW: Palestinians crush "Israel-rat,” Fatah celebrates Hamas’ barbaric massacre
Abbas’ Fatah continues to praise and celebrate the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists against Israeli citizens, as the death count has passed 900, with over 2,700 wounded and 150 hostages taken into the Gaza Strip.

Fatah’s Bethlehem Branch posted a video showing four images as a song plays in the background. One image portrays Israelis as a rat being trampled by a boot with the colors of the Palestinian flag on its sole:

A uniformed man paragliding onto the PA map of “Palestine” that presents all of Israel together with the PA areas as “Palestine,” referring to Hamas terrorists who paraglided into Israel during the launch of the Hamas terror massacre. Logo is of “The Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades – the Wasps’ Nest.”

Uniformed terrorists holding assault rifles and sitting in a circle, apparently before setting out to conduct a terror attack.

An army boot with the colors of the Palestinian flag on its sole poised to stomp on a rat lying on the Israeli flag.

With this, Fatah joins the Nazis in depicting Jews as rats to be crushed, which is fitting, since the massacre Fatah is celebrating was Nazi-like in its barbarity. Families were hunted down and murdered in their homes while huddled in each other’s arms or hiding while hiding. Fatah has shown its true colors and who Fatah sides with: Hamas and the Nazis.

Jihad on Israel: Where Does Turkey Stand?
When, on October 7, the terrorist group Hamas launched a barbaric attack on Israel, killing more than 900 Israeli men, women and children (and wounding thousands more), Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, instead of his usual inflammatory anti-Israel rants, uncharacteristically advised restraint to both sides.

The rise of political Islam in Turkey in the past two decades, however, and Erdoğan's inherent anti-Zionism -- he once called Zionism a crime against humanity -- have apparently left an indelible mark on the Turkish psyche.

The militant Islamist newspaper Yeni Akit called the Hamas terror campaign a "historic victory." Its story went on to detail, "here is how many Zionists have been killed." Presumably, the more Zionist bodies, the better. This newspaper's journalists are regular guests on Erdoğan's private jet.

Turkish Islamists are accusing Israel of not helping Hamas by refusing to give it electricity, money, weapons, equipment and training to Gaza residents to kill more Israelis.

There is fragile peace between Ankara and Jerusalem. In theory, Erdoğan reconciled with Israel, but diplomatic relations were fully restored only after his vow to isolate Israel internationally had brought Turkey a heavy geopolitical cost.

The fanatical anti-Israeli legacy of Erdoğan has "successfully" poisoned an already xenophobic society; it will probably take generations to clean up.
MEMRI: Arab Social Media Users Criticize Hamas Large-Scale Attack: Defacing Corpses, Raping Girls, Abducting Elderly Women Are All Against Islam

MEMRI: Reactions In Pakistan To Hamas Attack In Israel – Pakistan's Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar: 'The Two-State Solution Does Not At All Mean Accepting Israel As A Separate State'; Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan: 'Israel Is A Constant Threat To International Peace And Is An Ulcer In The Chest Of The Civilized World'

MEMRI: Senior Officials Of The Iran-Led Axis Of Resistance: U.S. Intervention To Help Israel Fight The Palestinians In The Current Campaign Will Lead To The Involvement Of The Entire Axis Of Resistance And 'Open The Gates Of Hell On It'

Pink Floyd fans walk out of Roger Waters gig at London Palladium after he spent an HOUR reading from his unpublished autobiography and told stories about his pet duck called Donald

El Salvador’s Palestinian President Nayib Bukele on Hamas: ‘Get Rid of Those Animals’
The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, categorically condemned the ongoing terrorist rampage by the Hamas jihadist group in Israel, writing on social media on Sunday that, as someone of Palestinian heritage, he hoped to see the region “get rid of those animals and let the good people thrive.”

Bukele compared Hamas to the various violent gangs that controlled his country for many years – most prominently, the Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13 – and described the Palestinian terrorists as “savage beasts” who are not representative of the Palestinian people. Just as his administration has, most experts agreed, eradicated the dominant presence of gangs in his country, Bukele urged the eradication of jihadist terrorists from Israel.

“As a Salvadoran with Palestinian ancestry, I’m sure the best thing that could happen to the Palestinian people is for Hamas to completely disappear. Those savage beasts do not represent the Palestinians,” Bukele wrote in a post published to Twitter on Sunday night. “Anyone who supports the Palestinian cause would make a great mistake siding with those criminals.”

“It would be like if Salvadorans would have sided with MS13 terrorists, just because we share ancestors or nationality,” he continued. “The best thing that happened to us as a nation was to get rid of those rapists and murderers, and let the good people thrive.”

“Palestinians should do the same: get rid of those animals and let the good people thrive,” he advised. “That’s the only way forward.”

Floyd Mayweather becomes latest high profile name to throw his support behind Israel after Hamas bloody attack: Calls for the safe return of those kidnapped during ‘these horrific war crimes’
Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has posted that he 'stands with Israel against the Hamas terrorists' in on social media.

The 46-year-old American has joined millions of online users around the world posting heartfelt messages of support for Israel.

It comes after Hamas terrorists launched rocket strikes on Israel and invaded parts of the country, killing civilians and kidnapping others with swift retaliation later following.

In a post on Instagram, Mayweather wrote: 'I stand with Israel against the Hamas terrorists. Hamas do not represent the people of Palestine but are a terrorist group that are attacking innocent lives!

'I stand for all humans and wish for the safe return of all Americans and Israelis and any human that were kidnapped as hostages during these horrific war crimes.

'This is not a time for politics. This is a time for safety first and foremost.

'God Bless America. God Bless Israel. God Bless Human Kind!'

Along with the post, he included a picture of himself from a previous visit to Jerusalem.

Mayweather joins a host of celebrities who have come forward to throw their support behind Israel during the conflict.

Since Hamas' launched its surprise attack on Saturday, celebrities including Madonna, Natalie Portman and Ivanka Trump publicly expressed their support for Israel.

Former Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather Sends Food, Supplies to Israel on His Private Jet
Former professional boxing champion Floyd Mayweather is using his private jet to deliver food and other supplies to Israel amid its ongoing war with the Hamas terror organization, according to reports.

The aircraft, called Air Mayweather, will also transport bulletproof vests for Israel Defense Force (IDF) soldiers, Los Angeles magazine reported. A representative for Mayweather, who retired from professional boxing in 2017 with an undefeated record of 50 wins and no losses, told the magazine that the jet is being loaded to take off this week and is expected to arrive in Israel over the weekend. The equipment onboard will be handed out by his pilots, which include US Army and US Air Force veterans.

Israel supporters drown out Hamas backers at rally outside Israel’s New York City consulate
It was partly a celebration of life and partly an outpouring of anger.

Several hundred Israel supporters—religious and secular, Israeli and American born—joined together in tight, barricaded quarters at the corner of Second Avenue and 42nd Street in Manhattan on Monday afternoon, countering an ugly pro-Hamas rally across the intersection outside the Israeli consulate.

A rally supporting the terror group’s massacre of Israelis and foreign nationals turned violent in Times Square on Sunday, as Hamas supporters were confronted by Israel backers, mirroring similar scenes around the United States over the weekend.

On Monday, the New York City Police Department created a blue wall down 42nd Street, keeping order while emotions ran high.

A near-scuffle broke out just as the afternoon event started, as a Hamas supporter passed by the Israeli side, saying “Get ready to get barbecued.” He was met with shouts of “terrorist,” “Nazi,” “scum” and “baby killer” before police stepped in to escort him away.

“I don’t see how we could sit by and just watch. It breaks my heart to see my people hurting, children being torn away from their mothers, the elderly, the infirmed being torn away,” said Israel supporter Eliott Hirsch, who was among those chasing the Hamas supporter.

US Sports Leagues, Athletes Condemn Hamas Terror Onslaught, Express Condolences for Israeli Victims
Major US sports leagues as well as several professional teams and individual athletes have condemned Hamas’ invasion and terrorist attacks against Israel, where over 900 Israelis have been killed since Saturday.

The National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB) both posted statements on their official social media accounts condemning the Hamas onslaught and mourning the victims killed in Israel. The National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) did the same in a joint statement while also expressing support for Israel and “[praying] for peace for the entire region.”

The National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) published their own joint statement also condemning Hamas’ violence and adding, “[We] mourn the loss of life in Israel … we hope for a time when peace can be achieved.”

The National Women’s Soccer League said, “We remain hopeful for peace in the region and around the world.”

Several teams across leagues — including the New York Giants, Cincinnati Reds, Philadelphia 76ers, New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers, Minnesota Vikings, and Miami Dolphins — condemned the Hamas attacks on Israel and said they stand in solidarity with the Jewish state.

Stand Up to Jewish Hate, a campaign started by an organization founded by New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, released a statement that was later reposted by Kraft’s NFL team.

Thousands of people join Paris rally in support of Israel
Some 20,000 people rallied in support of Israel in central Paris with the Eiffel Tower lit in the flag of Israel.

The crowd was mainly Jewish, but a number of Christians and Muslims also took part, saying they were horrified by the shooting, murders and abduction of civilians by Hamas.

“What happened in the south of Israel is pure terror, attacking in such a barbaric way these young people, these civilians. I’m stunned. It’s inhuman. No one should try to justify this,” said Olivier Delacroix, a television and radio journalist.

“I am not here to report but to express solidarity. I would have been here too had this attack targeted Muslims.”

“I came with my Christian and Muslim colleagues. They too are horrified by these attacks,” said Joëlle.

“The Hamas terrorists are the cousins of those who attacked the Bataclan in 2015 [when 90 people were killed by Islamist terrorists]. And there were people who cheered the attacks in Israel right here in France’s suburbs,” said 55-year-old Catholic woman Jennie. “I believe we must stand up like the French should have stood up in 1941 and 1942. Maybe things would have been different then and now.”

Jamal, a Muslim, said: “My family is from Morocco. I support Israel because my parents always told me they had great Jewish friends in Morocco so I know Jews are good people. They don’t really want to hurt the Palestinians. Meanwhile, I’m shocked that Palestinians don’t condemn at all this massacre.”

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