Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Israel didn't cut electricity to Gaza. Hamas did.

The Gaza Electricity Distribution Company issued a statement on Saturday morning, a few hours after Hamas invaded Israel, saying, "The company confirms that all lines and feeders from inside the Green Line [Israel] have been disrupted since Saturday morning due to the current security situation, "

This means that either Hamas deliberately cut the electricity lines or that their massive rocket barrage to the South damaged every single electricity line from Israel. It was not an Israeli decision.

This was two days before Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said that he has ordered a “complete siege” of the Gaza Strip, including electricity.

Many used Gallant's statement to claim that Israel is violating international law by inflicting collective punishment on all Gazans based on the actions of Hamas. But at least in the context of electricity, it appears that Gallant was more posturing than stating a policy.

Because international law does not require Israeli engineers to risk their lives to fix the lines that Hamas cut while Hamas is still shooting thousands of rockets towards them.

Hamas cut the lines and Hamas is ensuring that the lines cannot be repaired on the Israeli side.

(CORRECTION: An earlier version misunderstood another graphic from the Gaza electricity  FB page.)

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