Tuesday, October 10, 2023

For some strange reason, Palestinians didn't behead Egyptian babies between 1949 and 1967

If you ask the Palestinians, their Muslim and socialist friends how they can justify heinous war crimes like kidnap, murdering civilians in cold blood, rape and beheading children, they will give a litany of reasons like Gaza is an open-air prison, they have no freedom, they are living in crowded conditions, they are desperate and hopeless, and they have no choice. 

Here is an article by James Baster of the UN, describing Gaza in the 1950s, under Egyptian rule, from the Middle East Journal Vol. 9, No. 3 (Summer, 1955):

[In] 1947 Gaza was a rather prosperous market town functioning as a collecting and forwarding center for the citrus, wheat, barley, and durra crops of the Gaza and Beersheba districts. About one-fifth of the whole Palestinian citrus crop and 150,000 tons of cereals were annually collected here and sent north, partly for export from Jaffa. There were small local industries and occasionally a stray tourist, fresh from the glories of the pyramids of Egypt, braved the discomforts of the railway journey across the desert from Cairo and visited Samson's tomb. The population of what is now known as the Gaza Strip, including the town of Gaza in the center, was then about 70,000. For this population, communications with the outside world were good. Both a tarmac road and the standard-gauge railway line from Egypt to Haifa and Beirut ran through Gaza. There was no port worth the name, but 40 or 50 small sailing vessels might be expected to call at Gaza during the late summer when the winds were safe. There was a small jetty for lighters at the end of the beach road two miles from the town. 

Since 1947, the situation has changed indeed. The visit to Samson's tomb would now embarrass the pious, since it was continuously occupied for several years by 14 refugees. The road and railway line to Jaffa and the north is blocked by the armistice boundary south of Majdal, and the road to Beersheba by the armistice boundary skirting the eastern edge of Gaza town. The only remaining land link with the outside world is along the road and railway which run across some 200 miles of desert into Egypt. But since the Gaza Strip is under military occupation by the Egyptian army, the desert is not the only obstacle to movement across this southern frontier into Egypt

In this small area are concentrated 219,000 refugees in addition to the original population, now increased to a further 90,000. The population density of some 3,000 per square mile is about seven times that of the United Kingdom. Since about half the area consists of uninhabitable sand dunes, the population per square mile of inhabitable land is 6,000, or about seven times the population density of Belgium

The refugees, almost all Muslims, came mainly from the north, large numbers arriving from the Jaffa area in small boats during 1948-49. Six thousand were added when the remaining inhabitants of the Kantara refugee camp in Egypt were transferred into the Gaza Strip in September 1949. Many of the refugees live in enormous camps, of which two contain over 20,000 people each.

The population has been largely isolated since 1949, as it has always been difficult to get entry and exit permits from the Egyptian authorities. ...For all practical purposes it would be true to say that for the last six years in Gaza over 300,000 poverty stricken people have been physically confined to an area the size of a large city park.

.... Under present conditions, with access to the outer world barred by the armistice frontiers when it is not obstructed by the Sinai desert, it is doubtful whether the Strip would support by its own resources even 10,000 people at a tolerable standard of life.. 
High population density. Occupation by another nation. Severe restrictions on travel and goods. An open-air prison (Egypt shipped all its Palestinian refugees to Gaza in 1949.) No economic prospects.  A population time bomb in the making. 

In short, every single excuse people use to justify Palestinian violence against Jews existed 70 years ago under Egyptian rule - and more, since the Egyptians didn't allow Gaza to have any sort of self-government outside a puppet regime. And Gaza had no outside NGOs helping them. 

So if terrorism is a "natural response" to living in an "open air prison," where was the violence by Palestinians against their jailers?

No, the only Palestinian violence in the 1950s was against, of course, the Jews. In the 1950s, Palestinian "fedayeen" murdered hundreds of Jews who lived near Gaza - without Israeli "occupation" as an excuse.

Sound familiar?

If you know a little history of continuous Palestinian attacks on Jewish civilians - many just as heinous as October 7, if not as huge -  for well over  century, you can easily see that the excuses given for Palestinian terror are nothing but lies. 

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