Thursday, July 14, 2022

Palestinians brainwashing the world: a tiny example that exposes the entire industry of Palestinian lies

The Palestinian Authority has signed numerous international conventions, without any reservations. It never intended to adhere to any of them. The only reason it signed them, as admitted by Palestinians themselves, is to make it appear to be a legitimate state so it can bring charges against Israel at the ICC.

However, these conventions do have requirements, so the Palestinian leaders must then submit to the UN a sheaf of lies to cover for the fact that they never did anything substantial to take on their obligations under international law. 

One of the many international conventions the PA signed was the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment in 2014. (It also signed the Optional Protocol to the Convention in 2017. )

One of the provisions in the Convention is the issue a report within one year of signing the Comvention and then an additional one every four years afterwards on how it has implemented the Convention. The PA has finally issued its initial report that should have been published in 2015.

The 67-page report is a joke.  It brags about passing laws and says nothing about actual efforts on the ground to stop torture. It is a whitewash that even Palestinian NGOs are upset about. UN Watch dissects it very nicely.

Beyond that, as always, the Palestinian Authority uses this report not to discuss its own human rights abuses, but to blame Israel for everything. To do this, it resorts to a torrent of lies. 

It is difficult to overstate how pervasive the Palestinian industry of lies is. Every statement, every document, every official press agency report is simply filled with falsehoods, and the average observer simply cannot believe that the "State of Palestine" would lie so egregiously in official reports to the UN or official statements to the world. The Palestinians have created a brand new propaganda method - instead of the famous Big Lie of Hitler and Goebbels, the Palestinians have perfected a Sea of Lies technique, making up thousands of little lies that build on each other so the overall effect is that so many lies in such seeming detail must be true.

It would take encyclopedias to expose every single one of the falsehoods in the Sea of Lies. I will show only one of them here. 

In Paragraph 47, the Palestinian authors claim:

The conditions of detention in which Palestinian women [in Israeli prisons] are held are wretched.... They are forced to give birth with their hands bound, regardless of the pain they endure in labour and childbirth.
There are no footnotes for the charge that Israeli prison authorities shackle pregnant prisoners during childbirth.

It is completely made up. 

The last pregnant Palestinian prisoner in Israeli prison was Anhar al-Deek, who had tried to stab Israelis. After a public campaign she was released to give birth while under house arrest. She had smuggled out a letter claiming that she would be shackled while giving birth in an Israeli hospital, but it simply isn't true.

The source for the lie seems to be from a previous prisoner who gave birth in an Israeli hospital, 15 years ago. Palestinian NGOs submitted to the UN this "testimony" which itself is highly suspect, but even she doesn't claim that she gave birth while handcuffed: "After delivery, I was cuffed by having one arm and one leg tied to the bed. In this position I was left for several hours before being taken back to my room."

What is not said is that this woman - a mother of eight - had attempted a suicide bombing while she was already nine months pregnant. She didn't seem to have much concern for her unborn child then. And that is a pretty good reason to take extra precautions to ensure she didn't escape from a hospital room only weeks after attempting to mass murder Jews.

It is obvious that Israel doesn't handcuff Palestinian prisoners as they are giving birth. Even the most anti-Israel NGO doesn't make that claim. But the Palestinian Authority does, in official documentation sent to the UN.

The major goal in everything they do, every statement they make, is to demonize Israel. And their citizens are expected to do the same. The rules are clear.

This one sentence in this one document proves that you cannot believe a word the Palestinian Authority says. 

In a sane world, a consistent pattern of lying would destroy the credibility of the liar. But with the Sea of Lies, the web of falsehoods is perceived as increasing the credibility of the lies and the liars. The media is guilty of not bothering to do the slightest fact check of Palestinian statements; indeed they report them uncritically - because they want to believe the lies of a Jew-hating, terror supporting organization.

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