Thursday, July 14, 2022

In which JVP admits they support terrorist rockets killing Jewish civilians

Jewish Voice for "Peace" Political Director Beth Miller reveals that the organization supports dead Jews.

In a bizarre attempt at far-Leftist humor, she writes:

Israel bringing Iron Dome batteries to the tarmac for Biden is like wearing the sweater your aunt gave you whenever she comes over. If your aunt was an imperial military power and you'd begged her for the sweater in order to maintain military control over the people you occupy.  
Usually people don't want to wear their aunts' sweaters, but Israel definitely loves Iron Dome.

Notwithstanding Millers lack of understanding how jokes work, she is calling Iron Dome - a purely defensive system meant to save Israeli lives, that has never hurt a single Palestinian - as something meant "to maintain military control over the people you occupy."

Meaning, according to Miller and JVP, Iron Dome should never have been built. Hamas and Islamic Jihad has every right to shoot rockets aimed specifically at Israeli civilians in Israeli population centers, under this sickening concept of morality.

Iron Dome allows Israel to brush off rocket attacks that otherwise would require a major military response. It saves at least as many Palestinian lives as it saves Israeli lives. But JVP doesn't care about the Palestinians in Gaza or elsewhere; their entire purpose is to oppose Jewish rights and Jews living in security.

Never has the both the "Jewish" and "peace" part of their name been proven more Orwellian. 

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