Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Mosques join in celebration of murdered Jews

Celebration in Beirut of Bnei Brak attack

Al-Araby, which is based in London, and Egyptian Al Masry al-Youm, both briefly mention that "Following the attack, mosques in the West Bank and Gaza Strip raised the takbir, to celebrate the operation in Tel Aviv."
"Raising the takbir" means publicly praising Allah, usually in the form of "Allah hu-Akbar."

Imagine the outcry if a synagogue of any denomination would blast out of loudspeakers (or publish in its weekly newsletter)  joy and praise at the murder of civilians. It would be a major news item. The foremost critics would be Jews themselves. 

And rightly so.

Yet, today, it isn't only Palestinian youths celebrating the murders of five people. It is their mosques - mosques that are run by older, respected men. 

Where is the outrage from Muslims worldwide? Where is the horror at sacred mosques being used as places to celebrate terror? Where are the hand-wringing articles, in any language, saying that the Muslims who use Islam to celebrate death aren't "real Muslims?" Where are the social media posts that show disgust from religious Muslims at their faith being hijacked by immoral worshipers of death?

This is not to say that there are no Muslims horrified at these attacks - there certainly are. But the fact that no one expects any denunciations of the use of Islam to celebrate the most heinous crimes shows that the bar of expected behavior from Muslims, even Western Muslims,  is very, very low. 

Think about it: Can you even imagine that the Council on American-Islamic Relations would ever criticize fellow Muslims for supporting terror and using Islam to justify it? It is pure fantasy. But everyone would expect major Jewish organizations to forthrightly condemn any Jews doing anything remotely resembling this. 

Part of the reason for Islamic terror is because it is so thoroughly justified and celebrated among so many Muslims without any pushback from their leaders - or from Western media and politicians who are cowed into worrying that any criticism will be labeled Islamophobic or result in death threats. 

Arab and Muslim media today are romanticizing the attacks, or at best ignoring them - but they are emphatically not condemning them. This creates an environment where such heinous attacks are all but inevitable. 

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