Sunday, November 01, 2020

Palestinian Authority wants Biden to win so he'll pressure Israel like Obama did

Whatever happened to those Palestinian elections that are supposedly scheduled for February or March?

Whatever happened to unity between Hamas and Fatah that they were talking about in Istanbul in September?

Apparently, Fatah has been putting everything on hold - until the US elections. This is consensus from Palestinian media and the analysts they are interviewing.

Fatah is not interested in reconciliation with Hamas nor in elections. They don't want to risk losing the power they have; they don't want Hamas in the PLO and they are under pressure from moderate Arab states who hate the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Hamas. 

Most importantly, though, is that Fatah wants to wait until after the US presidential elections. They are betting that if Biden wins, he will turn the clock back to the Obama era when the US publicly pressured Israel for concessions and left the Palestinians alone. Biden would also likely restore funding to the Palestinian Authority, which means more money for Fatah. 

If Trump wins, then Fatah will feel they are backed into a corner and will have no choice but to unify with Hamas and/or hold elections to strengthen at least their on internal unity. 

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