Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Most popular EoZ posts of 2015

Here are the most popular posts of the year (not counting posts from previous years that did well):

10. Hamas accuses Israel of being behind Paris attacks, threatens to kill all French immigrants to Israel

Par for the course.
9. Former Cambridge researcher refuses to answer 13 year old Israeli girl's question about horses 

Making Marsha Levine a household name!

8. Introducing the First International Ayatollah Khamenei Cartoon and Poster Contest

I confess I never chose a winner. Sorry.

7. Gaza's Shujaiyeh will not be rebuilt anytime soon - because of its propaganda value

And it is still in ruins.

6. How to manipulate photos to tell an anti-Israel story 

Making it look like IDF is attacking a little kid. Video shows how photos lie.

5. Some Charlie Hebdo cartoons that are offensive to Jews
Because if you support free speech, you must include speech you disagree with. A fundamental point that many have never learned.

4. Hebrew language charter school in Washington DC serves diverse student body

A feel-good story and video.

3. Outstanding speech by Matti Friedman (UPDATE: Video)
Someone needs to nominate this for a Hasby!

2. Reporters in Malmo, Sweden put on a kipah, Stars of David and get threatened by residents


1. The collection of Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoons

What the media didn't want you to see.

These may be the most popular, but they are not the best. That list is coming up, based on comments. (Hint - they are on the sidebar.)

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