Monday, February 12, 2024

The @NYTimes believes Hamas propaganda without question; but is still not quite sure if Israel really rescued hostages

These two adjacent stories in the New York Times "Israel-Hamas War" news, the most recent stories as of this writing,  illustrates anti-Israel bias as perfectly as possible.

The source for the claim of "17,000 children orphaned or separated from their parents" is UNICEF. And UNICEF freely admits that it is a complete guess ultimately based on Hamas propaganda, saying, "Of course, this is an estimation since it is nearly impossible to gather and verify information under the current security and humanitarian conditions."

But the New York Times is reporting this wild guess as established fact. And it is indeed a wild guess, based on Hamas propaganda of the number of casualties and the percentage of women and children killed that even the UN no longer believes.

Contrast this with reporting about the hostage rescue. Perhaps as an initial headline it made sense when early reports were not complete, but the Times has updated the story since then - everyone knows the names and ages of the rescued hostages, their family members have been interviewed, we have photos.

But neither the headline nor the blurb has been updated. 

Israeli statements are suspect even after they show clear documentary proof.  Statements that even the source admits are made up (and the Times knows that) are reported as fact. 

There is another more subtle bit of bias in the very name of the section.  

Hezbollah has been shooting rockets into Israel since October 8. Houthis fired rockets towards Israel starting October 19. Rockets have been shot from Syria since at least October 24. Iraqi groups attacked Israel on November 2. And of course Islamic Jihad and other Gaza groups are also involved.

It isn't an Israel-Hamas war. It is an Israel-Iranian proxy war. By naming the conflict incorrectly, the NYT and virtually everyone else are framing Israel as the aggressor when in fact it is being attacked from literally all sides (including the Mediterranean Sea on October 7.) 

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