Thursday, January 25, 2024

More evidence that the Palestinians literally make up casualty statistics

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics is keeping its own tally of deaths in Gaza that they claim comes from the Gaza ministry of health and the UN.

As of today, they are claiming that there have been 25,700 total deaths, of which 12,345 have been children and 7500 women.

That would mean that 77% of those killed were women and children, far higher than the 70% that Hamas claims.

Here's the problem: the Hamas health ministry has not issued any statistics on the number of women and children killed for over a month. The last time they did, on December 11, they claimed an already absurd 70% were women and children. 

And here is irrefutable proof that these numbers ar ecompletely made up.

As of December 11, Hamas claimed that there were 5,153 women and 7,729 children killed out of a total of 18,205 deaths.

As of January 16, the PCBS - claiming to be using figures from the same source - said that there were 12,345 children and 7,100 women killed out of 24,100.

That means that during those 36 days, there were 5,895 new total "martyrs" - but 6,563 additional women and children killed. 

Yes, they are claiming that there were 668 more women and children killed than there were total deaths. Truly miraculous!

Not only that, as of January 16, the PCBS claims that some 81% of all deaths were women and children, which is far higher than the total percentage of women and children in Gaza (I estimate it is 73%.)  Any terrorists killed are just accidental, apparently. 

It's all made up.

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics brags how professional and accurate it is. But these numbers are completely fictional (isn't the number of children being 12345 a little odd?) 

If they really are getting these numbers from the Hamas authorities, then Hamas is obviously lying. If Hamas hasn't updated its women and children numbers since December as the UN says, then the PCBS is obviously lying.

In truth, both are. As we've shown, Hamas statistics sometimes also counted more women and children than total deaths. We see here that the "professional" PCBS happily posts numbers that simply don't add up. 

And the world media apparently doesn't have a single employee with a spreadsheet that can notice that the Palestinian authorities are proven to be liars.

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