Sunday, December 17, 2023

What you can learn from Gaza tunnel steel doors

The IDF released this video showing construction of Gaza tunnels  (h/t Adam)

The video gives a small indication of how much Hamas has invested in building these huge, extensive tunnel networks. 

One small part of that that struck me are the many steel doors that Hamas placed in strategic locations to make any Israeli attack much more difficult.

These are custom built doors that are effectively the same as bank vault doors. 

Where does Hamas get them from?

I couldn't find any mention of steel doors in the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism site that monitors all legal imports into Gaza. And chances are even if a Gaza bank would request such an item, Israel would have rejected it as a banned dual-use item.  

Which means that Hamas owns or pays major steel works industries in Gaza to build these doors.

The same goes for the steel tracks that the tunnels use for moving material.

The tunnel industry is not only underground. The support for the tunnels - ventilation, heavy digging machinery, furniture, lighting - are all set up aboveground and then brought down. It isn't only Hamas members doing this, but regular Gazans who need jobs being paid by Hamas for terror support. 

To Hamas, all of Gazas' local industry is a support structure for their terror operations. Anything they do that is legitimate is simply a cover for their main goal of murdering Jews.

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