Monday, December 18, 2023

Al Jazeera doesn't even pretend not to be antisemitic anymore

An op-ed in Al Jazeera by Mahmoud Abdel Hadi tears off what little mask it might have ever had that it was only "anti-Zionist."

Regarding Biden’s statement which he repeats constantly and with determination, "If there was no Israel, we would have to create Israel," but in the course of the genocidal war led by the Zionist-American alliance against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is proven day after day; The truth is the opposite, and the most accurate sentence in expressing this relationship is (If there had not been a United States, the Jews would have had to create it), which is consistent with the facts of history regarding the birth of the United States of America, and its relationship with the Freemasonry movement, in which the Jews had the largest role establishing and leading it.....This is the truth that we always run away from, for fear of being accused of a conspiracy theory, or of calling for a defeatist tendency in front of the Jewish minority that controls the most powerful country in the world, and even many other Western and non-Western countries.
Hadi's evidence is, frankly, hilarious.

The rise of Jewish influence in the United States
The history of Jewish influence in the United States is very similar to its history in other ancient and modern Western countries. We can quickly go through the history of Jewish influence in the United States. The Jewish presence there was linked to the early colonial campaigns in North America in the 16th century AD, before the United States declared its independence, and it was not long before large numbers of Jews immigrated there. The Jews of Europe came in the middle of the 19th century AD, and their number reached about a quarter of a million by 1840 AD.. They were involved in trade, industry, banking, banking, cinema, media, literature, art, and others. 
Yes, we cannot discount the Jewish movie moguls of the 1840s.

There's no pretense here of "anti-Zionism." The most popular Arab media outlet is unabashedly antisemitic, and half a billion Arabs consume pure Jew-hatred regularly.

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