Tuesday, December 26, 2023

"Doctors Against Genocide" - brand new pro-Hamas, antisemitic Muslim front group

This flyer stunned a lot of people over the past day.

"Doctors" will accuse Israel of "genocide" at the Holocaust Memorial Museum on Thursday. THis is a paradigmatic example of Holocaust inversion, of accusing Jews of being worse than Nazis.

It will surprise no one that "Doctors Against Genocide" was created not in response to any actual genocide but only in the past month, and only for one reason: to make this sort of antisemitism mainstream and acceptable.  

Their website does not list the name of one doctor or member. No founders, no committee, no spokesperson. 

The "Donate" page of "Doctors Against Genocide" gives a hint as to who is behind it. "Doctors Against Genocide is a program of Jetpac, a 501(c)3 nonprofit," it says.   

Jetpac is a Muslim political advocacy group. "Jetpac (Justice Education Technology Political Advocacy Center) seeks to build a strong American Muslim political infrastructure and increase our community’s influence and engagement. Our philosophy of change is rooted in a community-based approach, grassroots mobilization, civics training, and technology application. We have developed our own training curriculum, as well as proprietary social media technology and automation tools, to give our Fellows the skills and resources they need to win elections."

Jetpac was founded by Nadeem Mazen, a Cambridge, MA city council member and leader of CAIR Massachusetts. CAIR has links to Hamas and indeed has never condemned Hamas by name. 

So these aren't doctors against genocide against Jews. 

Mazen himself is an expert at trying to sneak antisemitic propaganda into mainstream discourse, which is the entire purpose of DAG. He even suggested to cast members of Saturday Night Live how they can create a "funny" sketch about Israel's "baby murder addiction.."

That is how propaganda is done, and that is the entire purpose of Doctors Against Genocide.

Not that "Doctors Against Genocide" doesn't attract useful non-Muslim idiots. Earlier this month they joined other anti-Israel protesters in Washington, and Code Pink has a video where three people who claim to be healthcare workers - again, without full names - weigh against Israel by pretending to care about healthcare. One of them, "Lana,"  absurdly claimed said that Israeli actions could cause a new worldwide pandemic because of mosquito-borne diseases from decaying bodies of Gazans under rubble could spread throughout the planet. 

Anti-Israel members of Congress were thrilled to claim that they had doctors on their side in speeches.

A frightening article in Tablet last month showed how the medical profession in the US is succumbing to DEI-type philosophy that leads to antisemitism.  

Needless to say, these "doctors" have nothing to say about thousands of Israelis injured and killed, or the mental health of Israelis who witnessed the massacres, or the lifetime trauma of being raped by the Islamist savages that they defend.

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