Tuesday, November 14, 2023

The "genocide" slander against Israel is meant to justify an eventual real genocide against Jews

Time magazine asks, "Is What’s Happening in Gaza a Genocide? Experts Weigh-In."

The very question is antisemitic. 

Genocide requires intent to wipe out an entire people. The question pre-supposed the possibility that Israel has that intent. 

Israel is at war. There are wars happening today in the Ukraine, the Maghreb, Myanmar, Sudan, and still thousands of people being killed this year alone in never-ending wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria, Yemen and many other places. All of them have death tolls far higher than all Israel-Arab wars combined. 

But no one asks whether those conflicts are "genocide." 

Only one country is accused of genocide - a libel that predates this current war - and it just so happens to be the national home of the people who have been the main victims of genocide.

Charging Israel of genocide is not merely antisemitic. The only people who make that claim are the people who themselves have the intent to dehumanize and demonize Israeli Jews. 

The ultimate aim of accusing Israel of genocide is to justify the eventual real genocide of Jews. Those who mainstream the accusation know what they are doing. 

The current wave of antisemitism is a direct result of this dehumanization and slander against Israel. That isn't an unfortunate consequence - it is the entire point. 

The main proof of malicious intent is that the people who make this accusation never use the same term against Hamas itself. Hamas doesn't even try to hide its genocidal intent, from its founding covenant to today. October 7 proved that this was not just rhetoric but an actual policy of genocide - just as the suicide bombings of the 1990s and 2000s had proven and been forgotten.

Yet where are the "genocide experts"? It isn't as if they don't know that Hamas is genocidal - Hamas fits the definition perfectly - but there are no reporters lining up outside their doors to even ask the question. 

The author of the Time article, Solcyre “Sol” Burga, is a recent college graduate who was the leader of a diversity club in high school meant to expand awareness of prejudice

Well, she just did her part to increase attacks on Jews. 

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