Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Moroccan "philosopher of morality" is ecstatic about Muslims massacring Jews

Wikipedia says:
Taha Abderrahman, (born on 28 May 1944) is a Moroccan philosopher, and one of the leading philosophers and thinkers in the Arab and Islamic worlds. His work centers on logic, philosophy of language and philosophy of morality and contractarian ethics. He believes in multiple modernities and seeks to establish an ethical and humanitarian modernity based on the values and principles of Islam and the Arab tradition.
A leading  Arab and Islamic philosopher of morality must be pretty moral, right?

Moroccan news site reports:
Dr. Taha Abdelrahman sees the "Al-Aqsa Flood" as a new beginning for civilization, a new rise for the nation, and a new birth for humanity. It involves discovering new values where individuals delve into their depths, connecting the apparent with the hidden, the immediate with the future.

The Moroccan thinker Taha Abdelrahman adds in an interview published on the Center for Civilization Studies and Research website: "Today, Palestinian resistance is writing the history of the nation and leading humanity towards enlightenment through the brilliance of its self-reviews, both individual and collective. It is truly a mature resumption of continuous giving, a creative inheritance of renewable energy in the paths of Islamic and human history.

As the "philosopher of ethics" adds, though few in number, it is significant in its trustworthiness and noble in its will because it re-establishes values based on divine qualities, re-establishes Islam on a sacred tint, and re-establishes the spirit on divine proximity. The nation's survival today and in the future is contingent on the resistance's survival, and God forbid, its defeat signals the demise of the nation.

Taha Abdelrahman says: I witnessed this battle through the jihadists' excellent preparation and planning, the innovation of means for attack and defense despite limited resources and tremendous challenges.

The Moroccan thinker believes that resistance is the act that contributes to building Islamic civilization and constructing human civilizations. He adds: The way our nation can contribute today to civilizational construction and human renewal is through "jihad" and no other path.

According to the philosopher, the vigilant Palestinian resistor has risen to carry this trust with skill, bearing this responsibility virtuously. He has undertaken it as the best burden and performed it as the best performance. Indeed, he is unique in this time.

Resistance, in the philosopher's perspective, is not a partial act but a holistic one. He says: I looked at resistance from an existential standpoint, meaning that existence has no meaning without resistance, and life is meaningless without jihad. Existence and life gain meaning from the act of resistance itself.

Resistance and jihad are the elixir of life bestowed by God upon the resistors. Without it, there is nothing but death and perdition.

He believes that the greatest manifestation of the Arab and Islamic mind in the modern era is embodied in the Al-Aqsa flood. It showcased the potential of the Islamic mind, revealing its breadth and strength while exposing the limitations and fragility of the Zionist mind. The practical responsibility towards these realities was shouldered, and significant achievements were realized with the support of God.

The philosopher sees the secret behind the success achieved on October 7th as the mind supported by God. He adds: This mind is filled with pure faith, surpassing all material and worldly limits. It ascends like a king, with no sin remaining with it – "Light upon light."

These fighters have been and still are beacons shining in all of humanity with values that contemporary humans have lost. In these values, they discover their nature, witnessed by God on their lordship, manifesting in its purest form and most magnificent images.

These fighters are kingdomly; their dominion knows no temporal or spatial bounds, suspended at the throne under divine shadow. They gather for God and disperse for Him, with angels fighting alongside them.

What they achieved in three hours is proof that they are examples of the supported mind, as I have always spoken about in my books and lectures. Blessed are they.
Clearly Abdelrahman knows about the massacres, the rapes, the burning of babies. And  this expert on philosophy and morality is ecstatic about them. 

He is not a minor figure. There are plenty of papers written about his philosophy. Yet he is clearly a fundamentally immoral person. Perhaps this is the first time he has stated his enthusiasm about murdering Jews publicly, but I am doubtful that this will tarnish his reputation in philosophical circles.

Which is a very scary commentary on the state of academia today.

I am always reluctant to compare anything contemporary to Nazi Germany, but this is really Nazi-level thinking - justifying the most heinous crimes as not only acceptable but exemplary, using a philosophical framework. 

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