Sunday, June 25, 2023

The horrors of Ramallah's and Gaza's "occupation" in TikTok videos

Here is a TikTok video, via the incomparable Imshin, unfortunately not translated, from an Egyptian tourist visiting Ramallah. He's mostly complaining about the high prices of everything from groceries to gasoline, claiming it is the most expensive Arab city in the world, even more than cities in the Gulf.

But the luxury he shows is commensurate with the expenses.

He features luxury mansions and apartments, the construction constantly going on, and the gorgeous Birzeit University (2:50) as well as the large amount of empty space and breathtaking scenes of the hills surrounding Ramallah.

This is luxury that Egyptians only see on TV. And it is all under "occupation."

This is a slight detour from Imshin's usual beat of showing "The Gaza You Don't See" such as this video posted also today of a luxury Gaza holiday chalet that can be rented .

Somehow, these parts of Ramallah and Gaza City have escaped the attention of the hundreds of western reporters on the scene. You never see these scenes from Reuters, CNN and the New York Times.

(h/t Yoel)

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