Sunday, June 25, 2023

Iranian-linked terrorists used Turkish-occupied Cyprus territory to plan attack on Jews

Cyprus' Philenews reports:
A terrorist act was prevented on the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, which was aimed, as estimated, at killing citizens of Jewish origin.

The perpetrators, according to reports, were apparently intelligence services linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). This, informed sources say, was achieved by coordinated actions and operations of our country's intelligence service, in cooperation with Western partners, believed to be the respective American and Israeli agencies. This is the second such operation, after the arrest, two years ago, of an Azeri with a Russian passport, who also appears to have been acting on behalf of Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

In this case, ...a network of terrorists, who seem to make full use of the occupied territories from where they send their recruits to the free areas from places that the Republic of Cyprus does not control.

...Although the main perpetrator escaped the equipment he would have used was located. 

An official noted to "Filelefthero" that with this development the Republic of Cyprus is sending the message that it shows zero tolerance for such terrorist acts and actions. Furthermore, he declares that no illusions should be created that Cyprus is the weak link due to the "security hole" created by the occupied territories.
Two things are clear: Iran planned to attack Jewish targets, and they tried to use Muslim Turkey's occupation of parts of Cyprus to stay off of the radar of Cypriot intelligence. 

There has been a steady stream of such attempts in the region, all linked to Iran.

In 2021, Cypriot authorities arrested a terror cell linked to Iran, planning to attack Israeli businessmen in that country.

Earlier this year Greek authorities arrested a cell that planned to attack a Chabad in Athens as well as businesses linked to Israelis in another Iranian plot.

In 2022, an Iranian terror cell was caught in Turkey attempting to assassinate an Israeli businessman in Istanbul.

There is no doubt about Iran's direct involvement in terrorism. Apparently, that isn't even a factor with the Biden administration's desire to come to agreements with the Islamist terror regime reportedly on the cusp of testing nuclear weapons. 

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