Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Israel haters love when Palestinian children die

There is a huge irony that is not often called out by reporters and observers of the forever war between Israel and Palestinians.

Israel respects and tries to protect human life of both its citizens - its prime objective - and of its enemies. The IDF has no incentive to attack the innocent; and in fact is has a huge disincentive to do so. It gains nothing from innocent Palestinian deaths and loses a great deal. Even without its own moral code and rules of engagement to protect the innocent, it would try as hard as possible to avoid accidental killings because of the huge worldwide interest in painting Israelis as monsters. It makes no sense that Israel would target, or even wantonly disregard, the lives of innocent civilians. Everyone knows this.

The Palestinian side, on the other hand, openly and proudly celebrates when its side murders Jews. But it also revels in the deaths of its own people; celebrating them as "martyrs" and proudly announcing that even the most bloodthirsty killers are heroes who are entering paradise. Photos of bodies are widely distributed when Jews can be blamed for their deaths. Death is a lucrative industry, because dead Palestinians can translate into international condemnation of Israel and huge propaganda gains, and even monetary support from not only Iran but European governments and NGOs.

Then there are the anti-Israel activists. These are people who self-righteously claim to care about human life but their main goal is to demonize Israeli Jews. To them, a dead Palestinian child is not the tragedy they claim - but a rare opportunity. 

Last Thursday evening, an IDF post at the edge of Neve Tzuf was targeted with sustained gunfire from the terrorist hotbed of Nabi Saleh. The soldiers returned fire and accidentally hit a car where an innocent father and his son, Mohammed Tamimi, were hit. The injured father or someone else took them to Neve Tzuf - the supposedly inhumane, racist Israeli settlement - begging for medical attention.  The Israelis whom we are told don't care about Palestinian lives resuscitated the critically injured Mohammed and got a helicopter to transport the child to a hospital in Tel Aviv. He was treated for days by the finest Israeli doctors fighting to save his life. Tragically, despite their efforts, Mohammed Tamimi died.

Palestinian sources admit that the original gunfire came from Nabi Saleh and that the IDF soldiers were responding to that gunfire, although they claim that the soldiers were firing "randomly." But anti-Israel activists immediately saw an opportunity to slander Israel and they took that opportunity to change the narrative and spread lies.

Bilal al-Tamimi, the vocal anti-Israel activist who styles himself as a human rights defender, issued a statement that claimed that the IDF ambushed the vehicle at the entrance to Nabi Saleh, chased it and fired from point blank range at the father and child. He has since refined the story, telling a media outlet yesterday, "In the village we know that there was no shooting and not even throwing stones and no clashing...The child was in front of his house, his father was trying to take him and in the car, to hide the car, when he saw the soldiers shooting in the other side of the of the village but in the minute he was trying to ... some soldiers they were hiding maybe about 15 meters away from him and they know the house they know the area but when they saw him they targeted him immediately, the child and the father, and we believe from the first moment, but they try to take him to the hospital to show that they have some humanity, and that they will try to help them to cover [up]but we know that it's not the [truth.]"

The lies are transparent, but truth doesn't matter to a great number of people. 

The Tamimi clan, who in Arabic proudly count the number of terrorists from their village, and who defend the most heinous child-murderers from their clan,  are equally adept at manipulating Western media by pretending to be human rights activists who care about the lives of children.

Ever since 2000, Israel haters have been salivating to find another Mohammed al Dura, the child supposedly killed on film when Palestinians were play-acting clashes. That event is what really propelled the second intifada - not Ariel Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount. So when a Palestinian child dies they are eager to spin the narrative to make it look like murder. 

More than anything else, they want a third deadly intifada.

Social media was saturated with photos and memes of Mohammed al Tamimi as soon as his death was announced, including gruesome photos of his dead body. Articles started comparing him to al-Dura. 

These anti-Israel propagandists are thirsting for a new blood libel. They eagerly spread the most obvious lies about Israel, knowing that there is a huge audience who are looking for excuses for their hate. 

Today's antisemites are the only ones celebrating the death of Mohammed Tamimi.

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