Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Egyptian journalists hold rally to praise murderer of IDF soldiers

While Egyptian media has remained almost silent about the terror attack that killed three Israeli soldiers on Saturday, Felesteen reports that the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate held a rally of support - for the murderer.

According to the report, hundreds of Egyptian journalists demonstrated in downtown Cairo in solidarity with the Egyptian police officer, Mohamed Salah Ibrahim, chanting slogans praising his terror attack near the Egyptian border. 

The journalists chanted slogans praising the courage of the "martyr," while others called for supporting Palestinians.

It appears that this rally had already been planned as an anti-normalization rally beforehand, and the attack gave it some extra chanting opportunities.

This gives you an idea of how objective Egyptian journalists are - when they are not censored.

Meanwhile, the killer was given a hero's funeral.

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