Thursday, May 04, 2023

Human rights leaders agree: Incitement to violence is horrible and illegal. Incitement to murder Jews, however, is heroic.

Reuters, reporting on the suicide by starvation of Khader Adnan, writes, "Adnan was arrested and indicted in an Israeli military court on charges that included links to an outlawed group and incitement to violence."

As CAMERA notes, much of the coverage of his death imply that he was under administrative detention or that his hunger strike was about administrative detention. But in fact he was indicted and charged this time.

We don't know the specific example of incitement to violence that Adnan was charged with, but he has been captured on video explicitly calling for Palestinians to shoot and blow up Jews.

The UN has written papers on combating incitement and writes that such incitement is a violation of international law and several international conventions. It held a meeting only last year where all the participants from many countries unanimously agreed that incitement to violence is unacceptable under any circumstances. 

Yet for Adnan's death, the UN supported the person who is on the record as calling for the murder of Jews.

Human Rights Watch is on the record for opposing direct incitement to violence in the DRC, in Ethiopia, in Greece and elsewhere.  It says that Meta has not done nearly enough to combat incitement to violence on its Facebook and other platforms. Its official position for decades has been that HRW is against laws that prohibit indirect incitement, but it fully supports laws - supported by international law - against direct incitement to violence. 

But when it comes to Palestinians directly inciting violence against Jews - not only Khader Adnan, but hundreds of examples that one can see in MEMRI and Palestinian Media Watch - Human Rights Watch is silent, and has not condemned such speech. On the contrary, HRW considers Adnan to be a hero. 

Omar Shakir, their Middle East researcher, tweeted, "Make no mistake: Israel killed Khader Adnan. He valiantly struggled against injustice—multiple months-long hunger strikes against administrative detention—until his last breath. He never enjoyed a minute of freedom but dies w his head raised high. His resilience wont be forgotten."

Amnesty has also spoken out about incitement to violence in Myanmar, India, Brazil and elsewhere. But it has never denounced Palestinian incitement to violence against Jews. It also  tweeted in support of Khader Adnan, describing him as a "father of 9" without even mentioning his leadership role in the Islamic Jihad terror group, let alone his own direct incitement to blow up Jewish civilians. 

In fact, Amnesty's reporting of Adnan's death mentions that he was charged with incitement to violence - but instead of researching what he actually said, it implies that these are trumped up charges and that he was just acting like any normal person would:
In February 2023, Khader Adnan was arrested and indicted by an Israeli military court on charges of “incitement to violence” – largely based on his visits to the families of Palestinian prisoners and to funerals of those killed by Israeli forces.
That last phrase strongly implies that Amnesty knows about the video shown above, and knows that Adnan has called for blowing up Israelis, and instead of condemning Khader Adnan's clear call to murder Jews, Amnesty says that Israel is at fault for arresting him for incitement!

This isn't human rights. This is condoning incitement to murder Jews under the pretext of human rights.

The current wave of terror attacks against Israelis have not emerged in a vacuum. The attacks, especially the apparent "lone wolf" attacks where teens and women start stabbing Israelis or ram their cars into Jews, are a direct result of this sort of incitement that permeates Palestinian media and social media. Incitement kills - and "human rights organizations" know this, because they call it out in other contexts.

But when it comes to Israel, they either don't admit there is any incitement or they frame it as just a normal part of what it means to be a Palestinian. Khader Adnan is not someone who urges Palestinians to murder Jews but a human rights hero bravely protesting his being arrested - for urging Palestinians to murder Jews.

Human rights organizations have become a parody of human rights. 

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