Thursday, May 04, 2023

Arabs make up a lot of fake Golda Meir quotes

Wednesday was the 125th anniversary of Golda Meir's birth.

She was known for many memorable expressions, but the Arab world seems to prefer to make up their own.

Egyptian newspaper El Balad attributes to Meir a series of quotations that are completely fictional. It doesn't look like they made these up - these fake quotes have been mentioned in Arabic language articles (and even Arab English language articles)  for a long time.

You can tell a lot abut the Arab psyche by their fabrications.

For example, they claim she said,  "Every morning I wish to wake up and not find a single Palestinian child alive." It is an absurd libel, but it is good propaganda for Arabs who want to demonize Israelis.

The next lie is that she was asked about the worst and best days of her life, and here's the fake answer: "The worst day in my life was the day when Al-Aqsa Mosque was burned, because I was afraid of the Arab and Islamic reaction. The happiest day in my life is the next day; because I saw the Arabs and Muslims did not move a finger." This is clearly meant to insult the Arab nations for not invading Israel after that 1969 arson by a mentally ill Christian.

Another fantasy is that Meir was told that Islam predicts an upcoming war between Muslims and Jews, in which the Muslims will be victorious, and she answered "I know that, but the victorious Muslims are not the ones we see now, and this will not be achieved unless we see the worshipers in the Fajr [dawn] prayer as fervent as they are in the Friday prayer." This plays into the fantasy that smart Jews of course know that Islam is the true religion but the reason they have lost every war to Jews is because they are not strict enough with their religion.

The next fabricated quote has been used by Jews but is just as false. The story is that  during a meeting between Golda Meir and a group of Israeli writers in 1970, one of them said that a Jew from Poland visited Palestine in the 1920s. On his return to Europe, he summarized his impressions by saying: "The bride is beautiful, but she has got a bridegroom already." (This  quote is false as well.) Golda Meir is quoted as responding, "And I thank God every night that the bridegroom was so weak, and the bride could be taken away from him."

Another obviously fake quote is that when she first came to Eilat, which is close to Saudi Arabia, she said, ""I smell the scent of my ancestors in Khaybar." 

The others mentioned in the article appear to be false as well, with one exception: Golda's 'famous quote “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children, but we cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children.” 

Beyond the propaganda value of the fake quotes, we can see in just this one article how little regard Arab journalists have for the truth. 

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